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Development of an E-commerce web site - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Development of an E-commerce web site" touches upon the principals of a successful e-commerce web site. It is stated that the priority area was to develop a shopping website able to store and display simple orders…
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Development of an E-commerce web site
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"Development of an E-commerce web site"

Download file to see previous pages Despite the fact that I did enjoy working with the provided software MS Visual Studio in the workshop session, I have chosen Adobe Dreamweaver as my web development application. I have decided to work with Adobe Dreamweaver mainly because I feel more familiar with the software application, using and creating forms, tables, and buttons together with all other Adobe software, for example, Photoshop, Flash or Fireworks. The scripting language that I have chosen for this task was PHP. The reason why I have chosen PHP instead of ASP.NET C# was that I am more familiar using PHP coding using the Dreamweaver development application. I also wanted to use MYSQL for the products database, even though the learning curve for PHP and ASP.NET C# are about the same based on what you want to achieve. Another reason why I have chosen PHP was that the chosen hosting provider offers a great tool called PHPMYADMIN where MYSQL databases can be created, imported and exported. After testing on your local machine, for example with the APACHE XAMPP software, I also chose my testing server application. Regarding the design, I have used the CSS technology to create a simple but immersive shopping friendly look for the web site. This can be shown below in figure 1and 2.Solving the matter of design has brought me to the coding and scripting process.At the beginning of the development process, my coding was aimed for testing the web page on my local machine. Therefore, the PHP scripting was written in a path for accessing the database from my local root folder., as can be seen below. [Figure 3] This code serves to enter the data from MYSQL database called products, created for the web store site containing six items each with five fields: id, name, description, price and an image field. SQL is a standard interactive and programming language for querying and modifying data and managing databases. It is both ANSI and ISO standard. Coding for this specifying database is show below: [Figure 4] A very important part of the development process is testing and evaluation. After linking the database with the web site by coding in my web development application software, it was necessary to test the connectivity and accessibility before uploading it on to the web server. As mentioned earlier, I have chosen the software called APPACHE XAMPP for testing the site on my local machine. The reasons why I have chosen XAMPP as my testing software are that I find it easier to work with, it’s free, it’s provided with quick and simple installation and it includes the PHPMYADMIN tool. This tool allows you to create, import, export save and backup your already existing MYSQL databases. This will save you lots of time when uploading the site on to the server where most of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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