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Website survey - Essay Example

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The author presented initially explained the concept of virtual manipulatives as applied to teaching mathematics by defining the term,explaining its rationale,and describing how it can be used.The site is a useful source for math teachers as it provided examples and other related sources…
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Extract of sample "Website survey"

Website Survey Annotated Bibliography Donovan, J. (2008). Teaching Mathematics with Virtual Manipulatives. Retrieved from The author presented initially explained the concept of virtual manipulatives as applied to teaching mathematics by defining the term, explaining its rationale, and describing how it can be used. The site is a useful source for math teachers as it provided examples and other related sources that would assist practitioners in developing instructional materials that would make teaching math fun and innovative. A comment on the site revealed that “students should not use virtual manipulatives blindly. Unless they are preceded by some kind of lesson or teacher introduction, students may not draw out the important mathematical ideas the manipulatives are intended to illustrate” (Donovan, 2008, 1). As such, the site is more useful for teachers and educators to enhance their skills prior to presentation in the classroom setting. Math Forum (2011). Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library. Retrieved from The site created for Drexel University contains comprehensive information on diverse mathematical problems and applications explained by accessing indicated categories. This is an excellent website that includes exams, assignments, puzzles, webcasts, worksheets, and even software programs on demonstrations about math drills, among others. This is a very useful site for teachers due to the array of interesting and innovative information on mathematical issues and concerns which could guide, assist and enhance the learning of educators on the subject. The data, information and mathematical applications contained in the site are ready for immediate use by teachers and students in the classroom. National Library of Visual Manipulatives. (2010). Retrieved from The website contains information on visual manipulatives according to the following categories, to wit: number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis and probability for grades 3 to 5. There is a trial version that can be downloaded for free to give teachers a preview of what can be expected from the site. The wide range of mathematical applications makes it an excellent site to enhance teaching skills through awareness of variety and innovativeness in mathematical manipulatives in visual form. The site contains colorful and fun applications for both teachers and students that would enrich sharing instructions on math in the classroom setting. Hotchalk. (2010). Lesson Plans Page. Retrieved from The website provides lesson plans for math applicable for grades 4 to 5. It is an excellent source for lesson plans on various math problems including graphing and mapping, money, probability and statistics, among others. The site also offers options to navigate diverse sections and special features. What is new with this site is its feature linking mathematics to other subjects such as arts, language, science and social studies. By providing connections with other endeavors, the site is considered an excellent source of comprehensive information that would assist educators in honing instructional skills on the subject. Math Websites for Teachers and Students. (n.d.). Retrieved from The website contains comprehensive listing of other related websites on lesson plans and classroom activities for mathematics. It provides sources of math games, fast facts, hand made manipulative instructions, learning applications with Java, among others. In additional, teachers could also navigate to suggested sites offering different kinds of lesson plans such as Fibonacci sequence, mathematical proofs, and a lot more. URLs for math webquests are also provided for educator’s choices. Since this site practically lists all relevant websites in the subject of math, the user would have alternative options to choose from depending on the purpose and requirement. References Donovan, J. (2008). Teaching Mathematics with Virtual Manipulatives. Retrieved from Hotchalk. (2010). Lesson Plans Page. Retrieved from Math Forum (2011). Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library. Retrieved from Math Websites for Teachers and Students. (n.d.). Retrieved from National Library of Visual Manipulatives. (2010). Retrieved from Read More
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