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Design Principles and Applications - Assignment Example

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This paper outlines that initial stages of a project that a client engages a professional contractor or designer in requiring specifications and reservations that the client has over the project. The ideas of the designer and the client are brought together by the client brief…
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Design Principles and Applications
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Download file to see previous pages A client brief is, therefore, a rough draft or sketch of the project design that the architect uses in making sure that the client’s preference in designing is not compromised or lost completely. Generally, clients’ make their requirements list to be met by the architect without much professional information and they are usually faulty but not always a waste of time. Client-oriented designers and architects always consider having the clients requirements incorporated in the final design.
The need for the client brief is to ensure that the project is clearly thought out between the client and the architect, with reflections, information, budgeting, and assessments easily facilitated for the project. Involvement of the client makes sure that discontent is eliminated at the earliest possible instance and clarifications sought well enough to facilitate the development of a good design.
In this case, Moulton College will be required to submit a client brief which does not necessarily have to be very complicated. Enough information and detail should be availed of the design requirements for the farm manager’s house.
To ensure that the designers’ ideas based on professional principles are in congruence with the clients’ needs and specifications, the clients’ are assisted by the designers in understanding some design concepts. While it is not possible to have all clients’ needs incorporated due to some technicalities, some requirements may be useful in the design when the designer understands them. “Firming up the brief” involves the understanding of the clients’ specifications in the design work.
Communication and effectiveness of the client brief are faced by some challenges which both the client and architect should be prepared for in case they arose. Designers and architects have a higher propensity to ignore and assume the input of a client in the design.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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