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The paper contains an application essay or admission to the [email protected] program that The valuable education. The author states that valuable education at Maryland University and guidance from the renowned members would do the author immense good for shaping the career and personality…
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My Education, Experience and Future Perspectives
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Personal ment Admission Essay
Management and finance are the watchwords in the current business scenario all over the world. Technological innovations and industrial revolution have left deep impact in these segments and for a modern manager expertise in these twin areas is absolutely essential. They are like the alternative beats of the same heart. Once a student equips the theory knowledge in management and finance, he is ready to face the ground realities in the tough practical world of business. This has been my viewpoint in pursuing studies in various educational institutions as detailed below:
Education & Experience
The GRE Course at Kaplan, in Los Angeles, Intensive English Program at UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in King Abdulaziz University College of Economics and Administration, Jeddah, KSA have provided me with reasonable perfection in the theoretical aspect. On the practical experience side, I have handled various important assignments working with Al Hamra Hotel, Jeddah, KSA. I initially worked as an Administrative Assistant (part-time) for International Modern Industries Co. Ltd and now I am holding the position of General Manager Assistant in the same organization. For my excellence in studies, I was awarded King Abdullah Scholarship and Ministry of Higher Education Scholarship. I possess adequate computer knowledge relating to Knowledge of PC and Macintosh formats: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. As for languages, Arabic is my mother tongue and I am fluent in English.
Future Perspectives
My approach to the business world is simple and straightforward. That which is not practical, cannot be a good theory either! My attitude to the [email protected] program is based on this principle. It is my earnest endeavors to obtain OPT and gain experience in modern financial services and equip myself for joining an established US organization to get the working experience for a year. As such, Maryland University, which is a renowned educational institution, is my first choice. The next part of my career plan is to move to Dubai to join a financial institution there. Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have a treaty in financial transactions, which will assist me to attain my long-term goals to take active part in the financial revolution in Saudi Arabia, initiated by King Abdullah, with the creation of Financial District (KAFD) in 2011.
With this backgrounder information related to my academic credits and practical experience, I am fairly confident that I will an ideal raw material to take up responsibility in top managerial positions and earn a name in the financial world as an investment banker. The valuable education at the Maryland University and guidance from the renowned members of the faculty in this great educational hub would do me immense good for shaping my career and personality.
Your benign consideration of my application for admission to the [email protected] program at this important juncture in my life will be an act that I will remember for all time to come.
Sincerely yours, Read More
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