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How Products are Made: Coffee - Essay Example

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The object I have chosen is coffee and the reason for selecting this object is because it is one of the most common objects used by most of the people around the world in their day to day life. The environmental consequences of coffee have also found to be beneficial to the country as well as for the manufacturing companies. …
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How Products are Made: Coffee
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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages that are derived from the coffee beans. The coffee beans are grinded to form a powder from which the beverage is prepared. It is found out to be one of the most popular beverages consumed by more than one third of the world’s total population. One major difference found in its consumption is in the way the drink is consumed all around the world. (Kolecki, n.d). People, in general, prefer to consume coffee according to their taste and liking. Coffee, was first originated or identified in Ethiopia, where the beverage was prepared from the dried fruit of an unknown tree. After its origin, Arabians transplanted this tree and used the seeds to prepare the beverage. From then, the popularity of the drink started to spread and soon the Americans also became part of this group which preferred this drink when compared to other beverages. The raw materials for this product coffee, is obtained from a fruit’s seed, which is known as the coffee bean. (As You Sow, 2010). These beans are collected from the coffee trees that contain aromatic substances which add up to the taste of the beverage. The beans offer a better taste only when the berries are ripened. These coffee trees grow in a climate where the temperature levels are not too high or too less. Apart from the conditions of the climate, the soil too plays a vital role in cultivating the coffee beans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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