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Has Indonesia Accepted Corruption As Part Of Its Culture - Case Study Example

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This paper "Has Indonesia Accepted Corruption As Part Of Its Culture" discusses various governmental, and business perspectives to be able to glean insights into corruption in Indonesia and to be able to answer the question of whether Indonesia has come to accept corruption as part of its culture…
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Has Indonesia Accepted Corruption As Part Of Its Culture
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Extract of sample "Has Indonesia Accepted Corruption As Part Of Its Culture"

Download file to see previous pages The paper gleans insights from those various perspectives to conclude that while corruption is part of the culture indeed, and something that is seemingly accepted, there is a counterculture that rejects corruption and seeks to curb corruption in the country (Parlina 2013; Business Anti-Corruption Portal 2011; Olken 2006, pp. 853-870; Banyan 2011; Transparency International 2012; Santana 2012; Transparency International Indonesia 2011)...

Transparency International defines corruption as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain”. It is worthwhile to parse this. Entrusted power in the context of government is a power that the people have given to government officials and employees to do the work of government, including collecting taxes. Entrusted also means power given by the people and by the law to elected officials, with the elections being the mechanism of the entrusting of power. The private gain here means the use of that power to amass advantages, either in monetary rewards, favorable treatment, and other forms of gain not allowed by law (Transparency International 2012).

Corruption damages the efficiency of government, and the costs tied to decreased efficiency are said to be among the greatest damages that accrue to governments that are very corrupt, hurting the public finances in very profound ways, and also the delivery of vital government services. Corruption also acts like a kind of tax that increases the costs of dealing with government (Olken 2007, pp. 200-201). A third and most personal blow is that corruption profoundly affects those who rely on government personnel to be forthright and honest in their dealings with people and groups, Where integrity in government is lacking, those who are totally dependent on that integrity are the most affected (Transparency International 2012).

One can argue that given the pervasiveness of corruption worldwide, albeit in varying degrees in different countries, and given the inclination of human nature to look out for itself and to break the rules, fighting corruption is something that requires more than just entrusting people to do what is right and to resist corruption when there are many opportunities to give in.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Has Indonesia Accepted Corruption As Part Of Its Culture Case Study.
(Has Indonesia Accepted Corruption As Part Of Its Culture Case Study)
Has Indonesia Accepted Corruption As Part Of Its Culture Case Study.
“Has Indonesia Accepted Corruption As Part Of Its Culture Case Study”.
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