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The Concept of Multi-Cultural Diversity With Relevance to the Hospitality Industry - Literature review Example

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This primary data was also collected from one hotel on its training programs. Two dilemmas have been reported here – communication and empowerment. Industry examples have been provided on how the organizations faced the challenge and through right leadership, they could overcome the challenges…
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The Concept of Multi-Cultural Diversity With Relevance to the Hospitality Industry
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Extract of sample "The Concept of Multi-Cultural Diversity With Relevance to the Hospitality Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Globalization is the process of strengthening the worldwide social relations that link distant localities in such a way that local events are shaped by circumstances as other places in the world (Giddeus, 1990; Gudykunst, 2003). Factors responsible for the steady growth in the hospitality sector include higher disposable incomes, more time for leisure, cheaper and easier travel and increased longevity (Pinilla, 2002). This has led to the process of globalization in the hospitality industry. Being the world’s fastest growing industry, this sector has also been the major employer. The hospitality industry employs about 10% of the global population. Thus social concern needs to be considered as all external and internal factors may have significant effects on a considerable portion of the global population. Demographic changes in the workforce have led to the shortage of skilled people in the hospitality industry. This led to the relaxation of the immigration policies in many countries to allow skilled and educated workforce from overseas (Baum, Dutton, Karimi, Kokkaranikal, Devine & Hearns, 2007). Thus globalization and increased migration resulted in a high level of labour mobility across nations and continents thereby impacting the work and productivity. It also has an impact on the local society. The hospitality industry has to meet several challenges posed by cultural diversity. Diversity refers to visible and non-visible differences (Pinilla, 2002) in race, ethnicity, language, nationality or religion (Konrad et al., 2006; Pinilla, 2002), personality and work style (Pinilla, 2002) among various groups within a community/organisation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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