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This essay describes Taj Mahal, that is an important place in my life because of the inspiration derived from its history. Taj Mahal is my favorite place because of the love story behind its construction in the ancient days. The Taj Mahal is among the most spectacular buildings in the world…
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An Important Place in My Life
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An Important Place in My Life
Taj Mahal is an important place in my life because of the inspiration derived from its history. Taj Mahal is my favorite place because of the love story behind its construction in the ancient days. The Taj Mahal is among the most spectacular buildings across the world, popular for its architectural brilliance and artistic attractiveness. It tells the story of how Shah Jahan attained immortality for himself and his deceased wife, Mumtaz Mahal, by rewarding her desire for a memorable mausoleum (Arnold, Comora & Bhushan, 2007). As a result, it is an expression of an emperor’s love for a woman; it has now a figure of style and beauty and a memorial to universal love. I like this place because of its eccentric nature and the representation of an undying love that was shown by the Emperor. It is evident that the Emperor wanted to honor his three wives to show the world the importance of marriage (DuTemple, 2003).
Although it is located in India, the structure comprises of Persian and Mughal architectural drawings. The building is in the shape a white marble tomb with other amazing features that represent the theme of love. Situated in a cool environment where tourists can easily access it without causing congestion within the city, the place registers many visitors each year. The atmosphere is serene and police officers ensure people do not cause damage to the features in the tomb (Arnold, Comora & Bhushan, 2007). As a result, Taj Mahal is an international heritage that deserves the respect and admiration of all people across the world. The symbolic design and nature of the building manifests the love message that Shah wanted to convey through architecture.
Similarly, the white marbles normally change color because of the sunlight or moonlight rays that strike the surface. This marvelous site is a symbol of India’s history that made the construction to receive an honor of being among the world heritage locations. I still appreciate the marble domes and the golden finials around the tombs. The notion of combining different art elements from the Indian and Persian inspirations makes the tombs to have a distinct feature (Arnold, Comora & Bhushan, 2007).
The other aspect that makes Taj Mahal my favorite place is that love inspires people to appreciate their partners. The place attracts newly married couples who go there for honeymoon sessions. The moments and stories about that place inspire people to appreciate their love ones by being creative when presenting their gifts to the partners (DuTemple, 2003). The beauty of the scenery is also another feature that makes Taj Mahal my ideal destination. I would like to return to the place because of the Indian heritage that accepts the preservation of their ancient cultural significance (DuTemple, 2003).
Taj Mahal is my favorite place around the world. I visited the place because it was based on a romantic appreciation to the Emperor’s wives. This makes it unique in terms of the architectural designs and the influence of building the palace. Situated in a cool environment near the river, many tourists like accessing it through the water channel. It serves as a romantic destination for honeymoon couples who would wish to celebrate their marriage vows. The place is also symbolic of various Indian and Persian works with emphasis on the tombs and the golden marbles. I would wish to encourage people to visit the place in order to have a feeling of the emperor’s affection and respect of his esteemed wife.
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