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Places of Worship for Different Major Religions - Essay Example

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There are multifarious religions in the world and every religion has its own peculiar and special place of worship where the believers of that religion come regularly or either with specific intervals to seek guidance, inspiration and to obey their lord…
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Places of Worship for Different Major Religions
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Extract of sample "Places of Worship for Different Major Religions"

Download file to see previous pages Christians have a worship place known as the church in which the Christians come and obey their lord. The church is the sacred place for the Christians where Christians come and pray in order to get internal satisfaction and inspiration. Churches are built in the shape of a cross on which Christians believe that Jesus Christ was given punishments and then he died. There are different parts of a church, for example, an aisle and stairs are designed to give the shape of the stairs towards the heavens. The heavens are given the shape of the junction. Churches are present in every corner of the world.
There is a need to inculcate the importance of churches because of the fact that Christianity is the fastest-growing religion in the world. Cathedrals are some important types of churches. The role of pastors or bishops is really interesting and of colossal importance in the church. The bishop is the one who leads the prayers, conducts all the ceremonies and prayers in a church. No official activity can take place without the presence of the pastor or bishop. Many Christians visit the churches often in their routine; some of them visit the churches on Sunday because there are special prayers on Sundays. The marriage ceremonies of the Christians also take place in churches because Christians think that if they consummate their marriages in churches, it will bring peace, pleasure, and harmony in their lives.
The Masjids
Worship place for the Muslims is known as Mosque or Masjid. Muslims are supposed to come to the mosque five times a day for prayers. The prayer timings are set according to the movement of the sun. There are three prayers in the day timings and two prayers after that among which, one is on the sunset and the other one is at night known as “Isha Prayer”.
During the player, the Muslims stand from shoulder to shoulder in order to inculcate and depict the unity among them. The worship place is packed with people on Friday prayers. Friday prayers are especially obligated to Muslims and during the Friday prayers, all kinds of business activities are forbidden. Worship place of Muslims known as masjid has also a separate place for ablution in which the Muslims clean themselves from water by washing their hands, face, mouth, toes, and hair because purification is the first and foremost pre-requisite of the prayer of the Muslims. Muslims are also directed to stand and face one direction known as “Kaabah”. The Kaabah is the place situated in Saudi Arabia and Muslims are supposed to face its direction in order to give a depiction of unity and oneness. Eid prayer is also one of the most important prayers in the Muslims worship place. Eid days are scheduled two times in a year in which Muslims from all over the world celebrate these events with great enthusiasm and zeal. The masjid is also situated in many main places of the Muslims communities. The masjid is a sacred place for the Muslims and even non also come from different places to see the historical mosques around the world, for example, Turkey has some of the best and historic mosques where many people come and visit to see the glimpse of the historical places. The Mandirs The sacred worshipping place for the Hindus is known as Tempe or “Mandir” which is a word of Sanskrit language and it means “gladdening”. Like other worshipping places, there is always a need for the leading personality to be present in the worship place to complete the official prayers and ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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