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Typical Saudi Middleclass Nuclear Family - Essay Example

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The essay "Typical Saudi Middleclass Nuclear Family" presents a typical daily routine of a Muslim family, preferences given by representatives of different generations to certain clothes, the importance of sharing meals with prayer, preferences in choosing a profession, gender roles in the family…
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Typical Saudi Middleclass Nuclear Family
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Extract of sample "Typical Saudi Middleclass Nuclear Family"

Download file to see previous pages Abdilwahab had gotten married at the age of 23 and he had two children one boy and a girl, they are both 15 and 21 respectively. His wife’s name is Ayan, when he married her she was 18 and had just finished high school, she had become a housewife and her main chores involved taking care of her husband and managing their vast stage home.  Every morning, she prepares her family by making them breakfast before they leave for work or school. A typical day for her involves supervising and helping with the cleaning of the home, she then has the family driver take her to the market where she purchases provisions for the day before going back hope to prepare lunch. 

Her husband who runs his own business usually makes it home for lunch at around one and sometimes has a siesta before going back to the office where he stays until around 6 PM. In most scenarios in the Arab culture, the family revolves around the man who is expected to provide and protect his family; the woman in most cases takes care of the family and handles domestic concerns (Ertürk 4). Nevertheless, this is not universal and there are many Arab career women who hold professional positions, if they are married however, they will still be expected to look after domestic affairs. The children do not come home until 5 PM, Asha the daughter will normally greet her mother and go to her room to attend to her homework until 7 PM in the evening. Abdi is in college and unless he has a class project, he will watch TV or play video games, sometimes he will drive out to see his friends but almost always make his way back before 7. The family sits down to dinner at around 7: 30, the menu often reflects the diversity of rich Saudi cuisine. The food normally includes rice, some chicken or mutton, stewed vegetables, and spiced tomato source. Side dishes and dessert often include coffee ice cream and chocolate or soda, tea is also commonly served black with lots of sugar and spices such as rosemary. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Typical Saudi Middleclass Nuclear Family Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1346 Words)
Typical Saudi Middleclass Nuclear Family Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1346 Words.
“Typical Saudi Middleclass Nuclear Family Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1346 Words”, n.d.
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