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Atypical Development - Essay Example

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Problems that impact on the child’s capability of concentrating are attention problems; this does not signify outside influences, which…
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Atypical Development
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"Atypical Development"

Download file to see previous pages Those children suffering from ADD or ADHD are in most case disruptive in the classroom, while, at the same time displaying behavior problems, which are capable of making the school experience hard for everyone concerned (Turner, 2003). Nonetheless, there is a high possibility of effectively controlling and managing these disorders’ symptoms with appropriate treatment. On the other hand, Conduct Disorder varies from both ADD and ADHD since the patterns of behaviors observed happen to be more deviant, as well as antisocial in nature while having high degrees of aggression, as well as delinquent acts. The treatment for these disorders comprises of drug therapy, together with behavior modification therapies with drug therapy for ADD and ADHD including drugs such as Modafinil and Ritalin. Conversely, the best way of treating Conduct Disorder entails treating individual symptoms, as well as sub-disorders while finding proper disciplinary actions, which encourage prosocial behavior so as to redirect negative behavior into prosocial behavior.
The second category of problems is the internalized problems, which happen when the child concentrates their deviant behaviors onto their self. Issues connected to this problem genre comprise of eating disorders, adolescent suicide and depression. In this case, the child has depression which has an impact on the developing child through impacting their capability of performing their day to day tasks, by holding their energy level, as well as through their chronic sad mood. In treating depression, various forms of treatment is applicable; in some cases, it is helpful to apply light or color therapy and in other cases whereby the depression has a connection to seasonal mood swings (Halla-Poe, 2003). There are instances like in this scenario, whereby psychological counseling tends to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Atypical Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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