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Approaches to Spanish Culture and Society - Essay Example

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This essay Approaches to Spanish Culture and Society explores the process of legitimizing history which takes place under the influence of politics with the application of relativization, ritualization, as well as symbolization during the development of a form of consciousness…
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Approaches to Spanish Culture and Society
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Extract of sample "Approaches to Spanish Culture and Society"

Download file to see previous pages According to the study finding memory is usually associated with narratives while sites of the same harbor the locations for second-order remembrance where individuals remember their colleagues at specific locations besides how they victimized people. Many academic experts concur that past memories determine the future while at the same time enabling adaptation to the new order in the modern society. Dominant political authorities play a crucial role in shaping history, which is not a linear process. The political power continues to shift from the ideology through to images embedded in museums, memorials, and monuments. The following features remain part of the memory within the realm of social construction in the modern society. They include among others conflicted and shred persons, public, and official memories, collective recordings, factors that challenge the truth, modernism, and authenticity.
As the report declares world hegemonic power and countries practicing the culture of capitalism continue to influence and spread new pieces of information that also erodes the original information involving many ethnic communities and states. Most of the eroded history entails a lot of information throughout their history guiding enlightenment, freedom of the market also referred to by other scholars as market liberalization, and rationalization among many more. The existing literature especially on Spain helps in discovering and digging into the past worth remembering in unprecedented volume and speed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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