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The following essay dwells on the issue of the cultural diversity. In the article, Emily Cody discusses the move that was made by the Sexual Minority Uganda (SMUG) to file a case against American Minister Scott, with the assistance of the Alien Tort Statute…
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US Cultural Wars Gone Global
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US Cultural Wars Gone Global al Affiliation) In this article, the issues of cultural differences have been featured in two main ways. The first aspect is the American culture versus Ugandan culture. Secondly, is the concept of Sexual minorities, which include LGBT versus the sexual majority. In the article, Emily Cody, discusses the move that was made by the Sexual Minority Uganda (SMUG) to file a case against American Minister Scott, with the assistance of the Alien Tort Statute. In the subsequent sections of the paper, the author illustrates the legal brief of the case and how they have experienced discrimination on all meaningful parts of their lives.
The article resonates with the current occurrences in Uganda and some other parts of Africa. In Uganda, homosexuality has been criminalized. This law stems from the understanding that such sexual orientations are not Africans and therefore are not acceptable in African society. The article brings about the concept of validation and how some of the religious concepts by individual Americans are used to promote hatred towards the Sexual minorities. In the article, one is able to understand the legal red tapes that validate oppression of the LGBT. The references being created by the oppression is drawn from the legislative measures that have been taken by the Ugandan government which condemns gays and lesbian on the grounds of cultural intolerance.
Cody, E. (2014). U.S. Culture Wars Gone Global: The American Evangelical Behind the "Kill the Gays" Bill in Uganda.PolicyMic. Retrieved May 6, 2014, from Read More
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US Cultural Wars Gone Global Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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