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How to be a global citizen - Essay Example

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Before, I had high, idealistic expectations of my academic and social life in the U.S. because of my dream to finish college in the U.S., but I understand now that imagining my dream is different from actually living it because every community has its strengths and weaknesses and I must go through transitions to adapt to new cultural and academic environments. …
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How to be a global citizen
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Download file to see previous pages As a UCSB student and as a community member of Santa Barbara, I learn about social, economic and cultural differences between my high school and community and appreciate and respect each community’s strengths and limitations; I determine student behaviors and attitudes that enhance safety; and I realize what it means to be a global citizen by feeling that I socially belong to the university and the Santa Barbara community and by participating in their activities, not as an outsider, but as a meaningful member of society. Social, economic and cultural differences affect differences in my high school and UCSB and community experiences. Social differences are mostly in social practices. In UCSB, parties are commonly done outdoors at Isla Vista and other popular social hangouts. In high school, we do not normally go out because we do not have regular school outdoor parties. When there are parties, they are generally done indoors and under the strict supervision of high school teachers and parents. Furthermore, UCSB and community parties are loud and extend to the wee hours of the morning, but not in my local community. Nelson and Campion (2014) described a typical Isla Vista party: “There were the token couples along the side of the street making out on cars… the house music was loud as ever and Isla Vista seemed to be in its natural state.” In high school, such noisy activities and sexual practices are considered socially unacceptable and illegal. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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