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Meeting Held by the Historic Preservation Hearing Officer - Assignment Example

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The author describes the meeting held by the Historic Preservation Hearing Officer which was open to all members of the public. The different groups represented included lawyers, concerned members of the public, business operators interested in the preservation role played in the city …
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Meeting Held by the Historic Preservation Hearing Officer
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Extract of sample "Meeting Held by the Historic Preservation Hearing Officer"

Download file to see previous pages The meeting started after the deputy of the preservation hearing officer lead in prayers, followed by the formal opening of the meeting. Before the start of the meeting, the flag was presented, which effectively paved way for the progress of the meeting.
A number of formalities set the flow and the outlook of the meeting in general, which was considerably different from previous meetings. The tone of the meeting also implied that the meeting would be different from the previous meetings I had attended. The events to be featured in the meeting were set effectively and in a speedy manner, particularly due to the enabling facilitation of the applicant’s representative Kevin Fulkerson and Kevin Weight. The representative hearing officer, Mr. Joe Viola, was also among the attendees that enhanced the flow of events and the coordination of the different discussions held during the meeting. The representative officer guided the different audience, throughout the debates on the different agendas set for the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, the agenda items were introduced by the representative hearing officer, Mr. Joe Viola. Next, the Applicants’ representative staff, Mr. Kevin Fulkerson, led the agenda through the oversight committee, which entailed the approval of the items in the agenda, from the representative hearing officer. The formal procession of the agenda served as the overall guiding model for the meeting as discussion and the proceeding of the meeting often shifted from the stated order, in a relative manner.
Different from other meetings, where a strict order is observed, the items of discussion for the meeting appeared to be taken through processing first, with reference to the rate of approving them. Instead of a strict order, the items seemed to be processed first in terms of how easily they might be approved.    ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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