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The following essay entitled "American Indian Foods" is focused on the peculiarities of the native Americans' cuisine. As the author puts it: "As I have learned from our lectures and as I have actually experienced, American Indians like cooking many kinds of foods in the water"…
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American Indian Foods
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Aside from American Indians' soups, I also like their dried foods, especially their dried nuts, fishes, meats, and corns. Although these dried foods are used to give flavor to dishes, I still eat them raw and at times I fry them as snacks. One of my favorite dishes made from dried foods is Pemmican. This dish is made up of dried berries, nuts, and meat. What I like about this food is the fact that it is very handy and convenient because you could eat it without cooking it first. You can eat it anytime you want.
Yet, there are some American Indian foods that I do not like that much. One of those I like the least is their smoked foods. Although I like dried foods, I still find the taste of smoked foods quite unpleasant, especially the smoked salmon. I find it too salty and fatty. I think smoking foods is best for preparing and preserving food, but not as an actual dish. Even so, I really like most of American Indian foods. They are natural, healthy, and savory. Read More
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American Indian Foods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 299 Words.
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