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What can literature, music, cinema, theatre or art bring to the study of International Relations - Essay Example

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This essay is looking on the International Relations in terms of cultural behavior. As in International Relations, interpretation of aspects in art displays a lot of realism. …
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What can literature, music, cinema, theatre or art bring to the study of International Relations
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Extract of sample "What can literature, music, cinema, theatre or art bring to the study of International Relations"

Download file to see previous pages The field of International Relations (IR) is a body of knowledge that deals with political activities that are intertwined among various key state players. According to the research conducted by Polat (2012), through International Relations, individuals are able to comprehend the kind of relations that exist between various states. In this case, International Relations refers to the study of the interactions between the members of the field of International Relations, which are the nation states. International Relations can also be defined as the study that scrutinizes the relationships between countries and the responses displayed by these countries as a result of the interactions between the states.
It would appear that no country can subsist on its own. In this case, it is imperative to appreciate the power relations between the nations in the International Relations. International Relations, according to Mandaville (2003), is a body of knowledge that highlights the factors that inspire the connection between the countries in the world. In simple terms, International Relations refers to an understanding of the interactions that are present between different countries in the International arena. This includes reviewing the flow of information from one country to another, the manner of responses by each party, and the outcomes that spring from the entire relations process. These implications vary from political, social and economic implications. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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