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The Rose Theatre - Case Study Example

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The performing arts in general make a significant contribution to the economy in the UK, therefore there are political factors involved. Those include funding sources for subsidized theatre and better facilities for the arts and education…
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The Rose Theatre
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Extract of sample "The Rose Theatre"

Download file to see previous pages The performing arts in general make a significant contribution to the economy in the UK, therefore there are political factors involved. Those include funding sources for subsidized theatre and better facilities for the arts and education. The Rose has also become a great community resource as it fills the schedules for drama students at Kingston University. There is also, at this time some political controversy in the change of leadership between Hall who was very much an artistic dictator to the replacement Stephen Unwin (Taylor, 2008) which could in fact affect the Rose.E-(Economic factors)-There has been a drastic change in the world's economy in the last year, the UK is no exception and public entertainment like that at the Rose is affected. The pound fell to the lowest level in 10 months against the dollar on Monday before it began to recover on Wed (Ewing, 2010). A sovereign debt crisis similar to the one in Greece is a concern at this time. The Bank of England has halted buying government bonds (Ewing, 2010). All of these economic factors affect every part of the economy and most often those that are considered entertainment or leisure. The Rose Theatre still show high attendance levels but most open for opening showings and with higher income audiences. Decisions on financial stability are difficult to make at this time, but certainly it will be affected one way or another (Smith, 2008).There are in fact difficulties at the Rose as the Peter Hall has been to the arts council for funding and there have been many new funding ideas set up such as training for the unemployed in the arts industry. Hall believes, however, that the arts council has not done enough (Kennedy, 2008). There are many jobs lost in the UK and at this point in time there are 10 jobseekers for every vacancy which certainly affects the number of people who can afford the theatre (Grice, 2010).
S-(Social Factors) - The history of theatre in the UK has been long going. Admissions to London theaters reached 13.6 million in 2007. Opening showings at the Rose have been extremely well attended. Sell out productions have been noted on a regular basis. Theatre also remains a strong draw to the country for tourists. There are some concerns to be considered here, especially with the advent of the electronics age. There are still barriers to attending the performing arts. Some of those are financial and some of them are access as well as political and social. Even with increased arts funding, and initiatives to widen the audience, there have not been increases in the types of audiences that are attending. This will remain a challenge for theatre management (UK Market research, 2008). In most countries, especially the United States there has been a consistent 5 year decline in attendance (Treanor, 2008). This has to remain a consideration to management in the UK.
T-(Technological factors).The age of electronics has definitely affected the theatre although in many other countries it is much worse than the UK. With the advent of television, video, internet there has been a decreased need to go to the theatre. There are many productions that are putting the production right on the web with fees for watching the production. This can be done in the convenience of home or car. This is where access to the theatre is so important. When challenged by access technology will surely win (UK market research, 2008).
E-(Environmental factors)- Other than the melting of the ice caps and the possible flooding of London, there are many other issues noted in the news that might affect the management of the theatre over many years. Methane emissions from livestock creates more greenhouse gas than cars. Global meat production will double by 2050 because of a population explosion that will continue (Wilson, 2010) The world has 6.8 billion people and that will expand to 9.2 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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