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Postmodernism in European and American history - Essay Example

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The essay analyzes how the postmodernist features are still recognizable in the contemporary society, from the perspectives of postmodernist thinkers. The 20th century is widely known to be the period of drastic changes in the European and American history. …
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Postmodernism in European and American history
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Extract of sample "Postmodernism in European and American history"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Postmodernism in European and American History" focuses on postmodernist features and how they are recognizable in the contemporary society. Modernism lasted till the World War II and was superseded by a new movement called Postmodernism. Postmodernism is a diverse set of ideas, concepts, models, that emerged “as a reaction against modernism or as a natural evolution of modernism” in the 1950s after the Second World War. Postmodernist concepts not only projected themselves in the fields of art and literature but also in other areas like architecture, sociology, technology, economics, religion, and communication, thereby on the whole of the society. This influence of postmodernism is continuing even now and so this paper will analyze how the postmodernist features are still recognizable in the contemporary society, from the perspectives of postmodernist thinkers. Jean Baudrillard, French sociologist and a leading postmodernist thinker, was well known for his media related theory of “hyperreality” and “Simulation”, and how it impacts the society. According to Baudrillard, because of hyperreality created by the media, people in the society are not able to tell what is reality? what is fiction or what is created? It is a “theory that modern man can no longer tell what reality is because he has become lost in a world of "simulacra", images and signs created and presented as "real" by the mass media”.Baudrillard further argues that mass media has taken the role of ‘God’. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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