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Three Art Styles - Dadaism, Surrealism and Impressionism - Research Paper Example

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The researcher of this paper will consider three styles of modern art: Dadaism, Surrealism, and Impressionism. As is true with art, considering each style goes hand-in-hand with a consideration of worldviews. To consider one requires a consideration of the other. …
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Three Art Styles - Dadaism, Surrealism and Impressionism
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"Three Art Styles - Dadaism, Surrealism and Impressionism"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Three Art Styles - Dadaism, Surrealism and Impressionism" explores Dadaism, Surrealism and Impressionism, three styles of modern art. Dadaism has always been most visibly a frame of mind. This frame of mind began as a rebellion against WW1, the bourgeoisie, the social norms of the time, the abstract and impressionistic art of the time, and finally, by the 1920’s, it became a rebellion even against itself. It was extremely negative in its critique of everything, and also self-destructive. Dadaism began in 1915 and basically died in 1924, although there is a resurrection now in what is called Neo-Dadaism, so it might be argued that it’s not neo at all but is a continuation of sorts. Perhaps it is only the loudness of the anarchy, the violence of its performance, the wildness of its manifestos 1924. that has died, while the core beliefs still influence art today. Perhaps no one symbolizes the loud, outrageous and rebellious wildness of the original movement more than Baroness Else von Freytag-Loringhoven. She pushed her sexuality, fantastic costuming, immodest street roaming, and irrationality in everyone’s faces, living Dada and, in so doing, challenged the male sexual, cultural, intellectual and artistic insecurities of Dada artists Marchel DuChamp, Man Ray, Francis Picabia, and much of New York. Locher argues that we are not in a post-modern era at all, but in a continuation of Dada, in that we are still reacting to and rebelling against what has happened in the past half a century. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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