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Renaissance Period - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Renaissance Period" casts light on the peculiarities of the Renaissance period. Admittedly, humanism in the Renaissance period believed in the celebration of liberal arts. Human dignity was the key phrase of this period.  …
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Renaissance Period
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Download file to see previous pages Mother and child is a recurring image in all religions because this image is the most powerful visual sign that takes the beholder to the roots of his/her origin. The drawing, reliefs, and sculptures of mother and child by Michelangelo stand out among numerous works based on the same theme with their unconventional approach. Art critics” have observed, ”Michelangelo reinforces the unity of mother and child through their shared nakedness,” referring to the drawing in which both Madonna and the child are depicted naked. The emotions that exude in all these works have been described as divine greatness and exalted grief. In the sculpture by Michelangelo, with the same theme, the mother looks down sadly as if she knows about the fate of her child. This was a departure from the earlier works on the same subject in which the mother invariably smiled upon the child.
In “The Four Seasons”, it seems Vivaldi is painting with poetry and singing with the sounds of nature. In the spring sonnet, we hear the birds, the streams, the wind, the thunderstorms, the rustling leaves and of course the silences in between. The rustic bagpipes are sounded then predicting the arrival of summer, the festive season. In the summer sonnet, the cuckoo’s voice is heard as a cool breeze that passes by over the scorching pines, sweltering men, and flocks and the blazing sun. The north wind indicates an upcoming season change again. Wiping away the anticipation of devastation, then, autumn arrives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Renaissance Period Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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... Ch. 12, Q.2 Something humanistic about the renaissance period was to “a movement to revive classical literature and the values expressed in classical writing.” During the Middle Ages people were religious beings and so much concentration about otherworld. Florentine Francesco Petrarch (1304-1374) was so much responsible and a major contributor to this perceptions. He is best known for his love sonnets to Laura. In a 1362 letter that Petrarch wrote to his friend Boccaccio, he gave a response towards humanistic learning. He gives a strong affirmation on the importance of learning. He says that, “neither exhortations to virtue nor the argument of approaching death should deliver us from literature; for...
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