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Renaissance Period - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Renaissance Period" casts light on the peculiarities of the Renaissance period. Admittedly, humanism in the Renaissance period believed in the celebration of liberal arts. Human dignity was the key phrase of this period.  …
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Renaissance Period
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Vitruvuan man Humanism in the Renaissance period believed in the celebration of liberal arts. Human dignity was the key phrase of this period. The humanists of that period believed that everything in this universe had a pre-determined course but humans were considered as unique from other living beings as we had the power of discretion to choose our destiny from this knowledge. Humans were considered as the keepers of the divine secret, and the ultimate achievement of creation, to whose eyes, the beauty of this universe, the beauty of its organization, is meant for. The painting, Vitruvian man, by Leonardo Da vinci reiterates this belief in all its aspects. Here, the human body is depicted as the principal source of proportion in this universe. It is used as a mirror to show reflection of nature in it. The symmetry of universe is implied through the symmetry of human body. Thus the picture finds elements of commonness between nature and humans as well as among humans, which is also the basic stepping stone towards humanism based on equality.
Donation of Constantine
In renaissance period, humanism was deeply connected to the rediscovery of Greek and Roman culture. The real Roman credentials of Constantine must have influenced Raphael when he painted Donation of Constantine in Greek-Roman style but the essence of the painting was contextually linked to renaissance values that were prevalent in that period. The twisting solominoc columns in this painting represent the imagery of baroque era. Martz (1991, pp.194) has inferred that these columns are “a symbol of human aspiration spiraling upward toward the domed and vaulted harmonies of a perfect mathematical form.” Thus the design represents the perfect geometrical space celebrated in renaissance art as the source of harmony. With the columns removed from this painting, the picture will loose its anchorage and will appear like a chaotic assembly of insignificant people. The grandeur of the situation is most powerfully conveyed by the columns and without them, the picture will loose its elements of credibility.
Martz, Louis Lohr, From renaissance to baroque: essays on literature and art, University of Missouri Press, 1991.
Mother and child
Mother and child is a recurring image in all religions because this image is the most powerful visual sign that takes the beholder to the roots of his/her origin. The drawing, reliefs and sculptures of mother and child by Michelangelo stand out among numerous works based on the same theme with their unconventional approach. Art critics ”(Chapman & Buonarrotti, 2006, pp.27) have observed, ”Michelangelo reinforces the unity of mother and child through their shared nakedness,” referring to the drawing in which both Madonna and the child are depicted naked. The emotions that exude in all these works have been described as divine greatness and exalted grief. In the sculpture by Michelangelo, with the same theme, the mother looks down sadly as if she knows about the fate of her child. This was a departure from the earlier works on the same subject in which the mother invariably smiled upon the child.
Chapman, Hugo and Buonarroti, Michelangelo, Michelangelo, Yale University Press, 2006.
Four seasons
In “The Four Seasons”, it seems Vivaldi is painting with poetry and singing with the sounds of nature. In the spring sonnet, we hear the birds, the streams, the wind, the thunderstorms, the rustling leaves and of course the silences in between. The rustic bagpipes are sounded then predicting the arrival of summer, the festive season. In the summer sonnet, the cuckoo’s voice is heard as a cool breeze that passes by over the scorching pines, sweltering men and flocks and the blazing sun. The north wind indicates an upcoming season change again. Wiping away the anticipation of devastation, then, autumn arrives. The singing and dancing of harvest is replaced in the dawn by the noices of the hunters. Celebration and the struggle for survival goes hand in hand. A moment of silence dawns when the prey dies with a subtle philosophical suggestion that on this earth destiny makes everything perish in the end. This silent pause is soon filled with the chilling mood change of the skies. Snow builds its empire around while wind roars and even the noice of teeth chattering adds to this audio fete of a different kind. The music of words finally reminds that winter is yet another season which has its on beauty and charm. Thus the cycle of happiness and sorrow in human life is paralleled through poetry, drama and music. The lyrics depicting autumn are my favourite as they go beyond the visible and gives the listener great moments of emotional heights and insights into the nature of life. Read More
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Renaissance Period Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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