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I made many lifelong friends and enjoyed a pleasant environment. I later realized that the upper management cared little about the low wages employees earned I earned one raise of ten cents per hour in nearly four years, though I quickly became one of the top employees…
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Global Distribution Of Material Goods And Products
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1. An organization I worked for several years ago left me with many fond memories. I made many lifelong friends and enjoyed a pleasant environment. I later realized that the upper
management cared little about the low wages employees earned I earned one raise of ten cents
per hour in nearly four years, though I quickly became one of the top employees. I trained new
employees and befriended everyone. I went the extra mile to show residents that I cared. My
immediate floor nursing supervisors became my mentors.
Co-workers in the same position as I were young females in their early 20s. We all worked
hard with as much skill and caring as possible. Many of us grew close very quickly. We
helped each other, supported each other during times of personal crisis and socialized together
away from work. We found common ground and formed a culture of camaraderie, caring and
moral support. Two groups of subcultures arose from this work situation. The subculture of
nursing supervisors who were beginning their professional careers and families simultaneously
formed one. Those of us who were single, young adults with a strong work ethic and sense of
caring for others made up the other subculture. Upper management symbolically stated they
did not belong to the general workforce, by locking themselves in their offices. Decisions were
made by a couple hired as administrator and maintenance worker. The couple socialized with
all staff and attended many functions outside of work. They became involved in each group
dynamic as much as possible and were respected by everyone.
2. The woman who attended college before the age of computers is now 65 years old and
keeping busy with volunteer work. Like many college students today, she worked part time at
a local hospital while attending college full time. She had her own car which she maintained. .
She socialized with co-workers after her night shifts work, usually going out to breakfast.
Classmates sometimes got together for drinks and other social activities after school. She went
very seldom, but did converse with classmates frequently on the phone to discuss assignments
or exchange notes. She watched TV very little. Long walks with friends, impulse visits to
the local soda fountain and infrequent shopping were forms of entertainment she enjoyed.
She believes her college years were fairly typical.
The internet allows college students today to communicate more quickly, which can lead
to impromptu planning of study sessions and leisure activities. It also allows students to plan
leisure activities well in advance. Students shape and mold memories in a more structured
fashion like a movie script, often posting photos of their excursions on sites like My Space.
They may be missing out on some of the most treasured memories that are created when the
unplanned or unexpected happens. They also miss out on opportunities to develop problem
solving skills when unplanned events occur. The internet does allow students to conduct
research and complete assignments more quickly. This gives students a false sense of having
more time later, and often school work is put off until the last minute.
3. Global distribution of material goods and products helps cultures relate to each other on
some level. Music CDs are often desired by teens and young adults throughout the world, not
just in the country they were recorded. Americans enjoy food from all parts of the world.
We buy clocks from Germany, vases from China and attempt to eat with chopsticks. We do
become more culturally aware when we buy foreign products, especially those that cannot
be found in our own markets. Coca Cola products are consumed in India, though not with
as much consistently as in the U.S. Consumption of global products creates awareness in
the act of exploration or trying new things.
Manufacturing products or implementation of services overseas creates some obstacles
such as, language barriers, differences in work habits and unfamiliar cultural beliefs. For
global corporations to effectively use local talent, which is often less costly, global managers
must overcome those obstacles and accept the differences. New schedules are adopted, new
cultural beliefs or customs are learned and shared. Awareness then becomes a vehicle for
designing a multicultural workplace environment, which does bring different cultures together
for a common purpose. Read More
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