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How Can Company Manage to Fulfill Its Contractual Obligations on Time - Term Paper Example

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The paper “How Can Company Manage to Fulfill Its Contractual Obligations on Time?” states that it is quite possible to carry out the purchase, supply, and distribution in deadline if you follow JIT model, the associate distributor selection criteria, and implement specific team management.
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How Can Company Manage to Fulfill Its Contractual Obligations on Time
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Extract of sample "How Can Company Manage to Fulfill Its Contractual Obligations on Time"

Download file to see previous pages To solve both the sales and distribution problem the company finds itself confronted with, it is important to objectively outline the situation.  The situation, as it currently stands, is that our company had contracted with a sales/distribution company to both sell and distribute 3,000 tones of our toys across the United Kingdom in time for Christmas.  The goods have been loaded onto the Emma Maersk and will arrive in the United Kingdom on the due date.  The problem lies in the sales and distribution of the unloaded cargo to stores across the UK, given that the company which had originally been contracted to handle this process has gone out of business.  As we have exactly three weeks to resolve this problem, the imperatives of immediately deciding upon a model for the effective and efficient sales and distribution of the unloaded cargo are inarguable. 
There are two steps to the resolution of the above-described problem.  The first step involves motivating and managing a sales team to sell the goods within the specified time-frame and the second involves distributing the goods within that same time-frame.  Our ability to do satisfy the first depends on our understanding of team behavior and the ways and means by which to motivate sales teams.  As for the second, the resolution of the distribution problem lies in the implementation of a modified version of the Just-In-Time paradigm.
Researchers who study general team characteristics often examine and reference the models of Gladstein (1984), Hackman (1987), and Campion et al. (1996). These three key models are discussed below.
Gladstein’s (1984) model categorized the variables and labeled them as either input, process, or output (Figure 1). Gladstein defines inputs as contributions from individual, group, and organization for group effectiveness. Gladstein categorized the inputs into two levels: group and organizational. Process refers to the activities of decision-making and output refers to the outcomes of the team activities. Group task moderates the relationship between group process and group effectiveness. Group level inputs and organizational level inputs directly affect group effectiveness. Both levels of inputs indirectly affect the group process. Gladstein’s model defines team effectiveness based on the performance of the team and the satisfaction of the team members. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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