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Validity of Hofstedes Work Related Values within Jordanian National Culture: A Study of Jordanian Private Sector Organisations - Essay Example

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The author outlines the purpose of the research and provides an introduction to the backdrop, which spurred the interest in carrying out this study. The research problem, the objectives and the title are outlined along with the study questions being explored within study framework. …
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Validity of Hofstedes Work Related Values within Jordanian National Culture: A Study of Jordanian Private Sector Organisations
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Extract of sample "Validity of Hofstedes Work Related Values within Jordanian National Culture: A Study of Jordanian Private Sector Organisations"

Download file to see previous pages In understanding National cultures of different nations, companies rely on their own assessments as well as application of established cultural theories and paradigms such as Charles Hampden-Turner’s model of seven dimensions of culture, Hall’s Silent Languages of Culture and Hofsted’s Indices of Work Related Values. However, such theories may not be fully capable of explaining national cultures due to two reasons. One reason being that the theories mentioned above may not have validity and duplicity to a specific nation and secondly for the reason that the cultures may have evolved and changed over time, nullifying the validity of results from these previous studies.
Within this scenario, there is a notable lack of country specific studies pertaining to national and business culture of Jordan and scarcity exits in explaining impact such cultural dimensions carry on areas of HRM practices. If Hofstede’s Work Related Values model is taken as an assessment instrument of national culture of Jordan, it’s likely that the results of the Hofstede’s studies may not fully explain the Jordanian national cultures. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Validity of Hofstedes Work Related Values Within Jordanian National Essay.
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