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Searching for the Real Me and We. A Filipino-American Experience - Essay Example

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This essay analyses the US invasion and occupation of the Philippines and the resulting waves of migration of Filipino workers and professionals to this country. It explores, not only the socio-economic results, but also the cultural impact of US direct and indirect rule on the Filipino people’s collective memories and consciousness…
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Searching for the Real Me and We. A Filipino-American Experience
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Download file to see previous pages This essay analyses the US invasion and occupation of the Philippines and the resulting waves of migration of Filipino workers and professionals to this country. It explores, not only the socio-economic results, but also the cultural impact of US direct and indirect rule on the Filipino people’s collective memories and consciousness.
The migration of Filipinos to the US was basically determined in the past and at present by the desire of the US for cheap and efficient labor, a desire in keeping with capitalism’s exploitative character and racist framework. Many Filipino-Americans have absorbed the dominant US culture, which prevents them from understanding the realities behind their own migration experience, decolonizing their thinking, and developing their unity with all poor people of color.
After defeating the Spanish colonial government, Filipinos were forced to wage another war, this time against the US invading forces. This time it was a vicious racist war that resulted in the death of “at least 1.4 million Filipinos” from the actual fighting and from war-related starvation and disease (San Juan).
Studying history is a important step, and I have started to fully appreciate my Filipino heritage. Understanding myself and the Filipino-American experience, I am starting to understand the reality of the Black experience, the Latino experience, the experience of all the excluded in American society. I know I have to take the next step, going beyond the me and transforming myself into the we of humanity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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