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American vs Indian (ASIAN) Marriage - Essay Example

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This paper intends to evaluate the cultural shock that an observer from the Indian culture observes a cultural marriage by the Americans. There are distinct differentiating features between the cultural marriages by the two cultures as represented by Indians and Americans…
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American vs Indian (ASIAN) Marriage
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that cultural diversity is a common attribute that is easily traceable within all social set-ups within the human societies. It is, therefore, an often sought for an explanation on variations observed between behaviors of people from different parts of the world as well as the people who share variations in cultural believes and practices. For instance, the practices of marriage differ from a culture to another and this is more visible to communities living in different places and having different ancestry.  The Indians have held dear to traditionally arranged marriages over the course of cultural evolutions. In a more shocking manner, the Indians still practice and believe in cultural marriages where the union is not based on love but rather, the parents of the groom take the responsibility of getting their groom a bride. This had an implication that neither of the marrying persons had a prior clue of who the partner was to be and relied on parental choices and consensus. Nevertheless, a changing trend has been observed in the recent past with grooms and the brides being allowed time for engagement through which compatibility is tested and with approval of the parties, then formal marriage ceremony is conducted. Nevertheless, the process of marriage in the Indian culture takes into consideration of some factors, which include the compatibility of the horoscopes to the marrying parties, wealth, family background, social standing as well as caste among other considerations....
Moreover, gifts are not stipulated as to who is to offer during the wedding and as such the two families involved shop for the gifts for the festive day. ‘Vedic rites and rituals’ stipulate particular rules which guide how the marriage is performed (‘’, para 1-3). There is exchange of vows and promises among which the engagement is to be honored and kept intact until death separates the parties. However, much is the disparity that is observable between the cultural marriages as practiced by the American natives and the Indian natives. This paper is therefore presented on an account of an observer from East India who observes the American cultural marriage and was greatly shocked. The understanding of the liberty at which the western cultures bestow on individual persons in deciding on spouses is in itself a great shock in such an Indian society where the parents take an active role in deciding on spouses to their children. The Americans cultures have a provision referred to as the dating where young people are exposed into matters of relationships with provisions for intimacy, which exposes them into marriage relations (Fish, para 1-5). This therefore represents a loved rational in marriage where unlike with the Indian culture, marriage is established on a foundation of love and not on cultural ties of parental choices. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the traditional marriage systems upheld by native Americans were more alike with such practices that dominate the Indian culture even today. In the account of a shocking observation by the East Indian native, while visiting the United States, the observer noted a unique ceremony that happened at the attorney’s office. On enquiry and keen observation, a couple ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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