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Analysis of Quinceanera is one Hispanic tradition - Essay Example

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This essay describes the Quinceanera is one such Hispanic tradition that celebrates a girl’s fifteenth birthday where people related to her make merry and congratulate her for her coming adulthood. In this paper, the writer gives a brief description of her Quinceanera…
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Analysis of Quinceanera is one Hispanic tradition
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Download file to see previous pages So, she promised me that she would buy me such a dress that would make me feel like Cinderella. I was so happy when finally she bought me a soft pink dress with shining white flowers lining its border. I had not seen such a glamorous dress for a girl my age. And then the special day arrived. I wore the beautiful dress and joined my parents and relatives to start the religious ceremony. The most special thing that happened that day was that my father, who had separated from us some years ago, was with me to celebrate my day. We went to the church and prayed to God for my health and prosperity, and thanked Him for bringing this day to my life.  When the ceremony was over, we went to the park on a limousine to take pictures. We took all sorts of single and group pictures so that I could make an album of them to be able to recollect this day’s memories later.   My mother gave a presentation to thank all friends and family who had come to celebrate my birthday party. She also wished me a very happy birthday. Then, the ball dance began. I danced with my eldest brother, William. I was worrying that something would get wrong and everybody would laugh at me but it all went very smoothly.  Then, it was time for my father to wish me a happy birthday. I became so emotional at that moment that my eyes filled with tears and a friend of mine offered me a tissue paper so that I could wipe my tears away. His speech made me cry because I really never realized how much my father loved me.  ...
Then, the ball dance began. I danced with my eldest brother, William. I was worrying that something would get wrong and everybody would laugh at me but it all went very smoothly. Then, it was time for my father to wish me a happy birthday. I became so emotional at that moment that my eyes filled with tears and a friend of mine offered me a tissue paper so that I could wipe my tears away. His speech made me cry because I really never realized how much my father loved me. He said, “Now it’s time to make my little girl a young lady”, and then he got on his knee, changed my slippers and had me put on a soft pink high heeled pair of shoes, and kissed me. My aunt took me to a nicely decorated room where she applied makeup on me. I was really looking like a young lady. After that, it was time for lunch. The menu had some of the most delightful and well-known Spanish dishes such as salad, lasagna, platanos (plantains), sopa de pollo (homemade chicken soup), pernil (smoked pork), empanadas, rice with beans, corn, and meat. Everybody praised the menu and enjoyed the lunch to the fullest. Then, it was time for goodbye and I bade farewell to everybody. I end my narrative with some very warm, cozy, soothing and pleasant memories in my heart that my pen is not being able to convey to the paper very efficiently. What I felt that day is being impossible for me to describe in words. Whenever I see those pictures that we took in the park, I miss my friends and most of all, my father. He was there with me that day and became the biggest reason why that day was the most special day of my life. Last but not the least, I thank my mother to arrange such a wonderful celebration for me on my fifteenth birthday and making me feel like a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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