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Native America and Hispanic Cultures in Michigan - Research Paper Example

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The aim is to achieve a wider understanding of these ethnic groups and to relate the cultural investigation to my teaching profession and consequently be able to use them…
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Native America and Hispanic Cultures in Michigan
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Extract of sample "Native America and Hispanic Cultures in Michigan"

Download file to see previous pages (US Bureau of Census 2008) I will address these two cultures separately in this paper but that both would be examined through the same parameters as demonstrated by the concept maps previously drafted. The parameter worked around three issues. These are education, family traditions and political background. I believe that these factors collectively characterize the wider cultural characteristics of the subject cultures. In regard to education, it varies through time and across cultures and so, it is necessary in establishing the cultural background of an ethnic group. Family traditions, meanwhile, reflect the way of life of the ethnic groups and, hence, demonstrate their culture. Finally, the political background was included in order to determine the minorities’ views on social issues in the context of their way of lives. These three variables characterize the cultural dimensions required in order for me to achieve my objectives.
The methods employed for the research of sources used is a mix of first-hand interview, first-hand sources from government publications and research of second-hand sources from available literature such as books, journal and magazine. In regard to internet sources, the keywords used in the research include “Michigan demographics,” “Michigan Native Americans,” “Michigan education statistics,” and “Michigan voters profile.” The main search engine used was Google.
I think the most important sources would be the government data from the US Bureau of Census as they represent the holistic status of the both the ethnic groups demography and cultural background. Because of this, it became easier to compare specific characteristics. The first-hand sources and interviews are also important because they allowed me to confirm and experience the major findings of the research. Because of this I was able to synthesize all the information that I was able to collect from all the relevant literature ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Native America and Hispanic Cultures in Michigan Research Paper)
Native America and Hispanic Cultures in Michigan Research Paper.
“Native America and Hispanic Cultures in Michigan Research Paper”, n.d.
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