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Creating the Myth - Essay Example

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From the Greek story of Hercules to King Arthur’s rise to throne of Camelot and from Frodo’s quest in The Lord of the Rings to Jack Bauer’s one day quest in the television series 24; and, yes, of course, to the story of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. They all share elements of the same story. …
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Creating the Myth
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“Myths are common stories at the root of our universal existence.”(Seger 356-364) Meaning that these stories have been told since mankind first began to tell stories. As

different as they may be in appearance, we all have a familiarity that could be called comforting. They speak to a part of us. It is something that can connect each and every one of us regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or geographic location, because it is in some way a part of all people all over the world. It is called “The Hero’s Journey” It is present in our stories, fairytales, ritual, but it is part of our general psychological development as individuals, as well.(Vogel)
“The Hero’s Journey” follows the central figure of the story. The hero is an archetype that stands as a representation, in most cases, of what is good. (“Oracle ThinkQuest”) We will then follow the hero through his adventures, quests, trials and tribulations, through love and loss; all in hopes of seeing the hero succeed in the end. Star Wars, in particular, is a perfect example of “The Hero’s Journey” and the central character of Luke Skywalker is the perfect example of the hero archetype. He is normal. His life is simple. He dreams of more. In meeting his mentor in the desert he finds his guide in starting his quest. His whole world changes, literally in his case as he does, in fact, leave his home planet behind. He meets amazing characters and gains greater power. We see ourselves in the hero. We all want to be that person of average, humble beginnings intended for greater things. All the disappointments and pitfalls of our lives are just road blocks on the way to our destiny. Someday we will all get to blow up the Death Star. The hero archetype can present itself in many ways. Not every hero is automatically an easy hero as Luke Skywalker. “The Thematic Paradigm” shows that the hero in a story, are people that possess completely opposite traits.(Ray 342-351) Meaning that the character may be a mobster who tenderly sings to his houseplants. Two sides in the same person, light and dark, and little good and a little bad all at once. This makes their behavior not as easy to predict. Ray, also, explains that there is more than one kind of hero. The “bad, bad, boy” template, which can be seen in the ShowTime series Dexter, follows the story of a main character who happens to be a serial killer. Now Luke Skywalker is an example of the traditional “good, good boy” representation. (3) Meaning simply, that he is the white knight, just and moral. But, the character of Han Solo, who is essentially a gambling mercenary, is considered the reluctant hero.(3) He is capable of being heroic, but it will take some pushing in the right direction in order for him to overcome his more selfish nature. “Myths are marketable…” (Seger 356-364) This is clearly true. The majority of, what would be called blockbusters are movies that have made their way into modern culture and have always followed “The Hero’s Journey” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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