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The author of the present paper aims to quite the consumption of both coffee and energy drinks and presents detailed first-week results. I have made tremendous progress in my wish to quit consuming both coffee and energy drinks…
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Action Plan to Quit the Consumption of Both Coffee and Energy Drinks
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Revision of my action plan to quit the consumption of both coffee and energy drinks
I have made tremendous progress in my wish to quit consuming both coffee and energy drinks. I succeeded in reducing the number of cans of energy drinks that I consumed from five to two in a week within the first five days of the plan. I faced numerous challenges including withdrawal effects but managed to overcome the effects. Additionally, I reduced my consumption of coffee from six cups in a week to three. I achieved the goals successfully because of the reliable support system that I had, my mother and my cousin were supportive as they ensured that we did not stock any energy drink in the house. Mu cousin helped me refrain from buying the drinks from the dispensing machine at school am at other social places.
With the success of the first five days, I set my goals to reduce my consumption of energy drinks from the current two cans to none while reducing the number of mugs of coffee that I consume in a week from the current three to one. I have been successful for four days now. I have not consumed any energy drink and am yet to take my one mug of coffee. I have continued to rely on my support system (Perkinson and Jongsma 63). My cousin employs the distraction technique to ensure that I do not crave for either the mug of coffee or a can of energy drink. Furthermore, I plan to buy myself another pair of shoes if I complete the week without taking any can of energy drink. The availability of the drinks remains a challenge, but I currently avoid the dispensing machine and large social circles that may influence me to take the drinks.
My goals are achievable. The first week was challenging, but I overcame the myriad withdrawal symptoms. My system is adapting to the lack of caffeine and excessive sugar. As I set new goals, I am developing a new behavior. I currently drink a substantial amount of water and fresh juices. I am developing a systemic love for passion and mango juices. I bought a blender and collaborated with my mother to ensure that the house does not lack fruits. I enjoy preparing the fresh juice. I spare some time to ensure that I prepare a liter or two of fresh juice, which I stock in the fridge. As I shed my addiction to caffeinated drinks, I am developing a new addiction that I believe will present myriad health benefits.
I maintain that caffeine is not suitable for human consumption especially in large quantities owing to the negative effects it presents most of which have a long time effect (McIlvain and Noland 236). My plan seeks to ensure that I quit consuming caffeinated drinks. The plan comprises of a reliable support system as my mother and cousin continue to offer the valuable assistance I need to ensure that I do not consume such drinks as coffee and energy drinks. The reward system further sustains my dedication to the plan. My growing love for water and fresh fruit drinks will further help me overcome my craving for caffeinated drinks thus ensuring the success of the plan.
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