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 Raider Entertainment was at it again. A Friday midnight horror film show went down in the usual style at KUC Theater (Raider Entertainment, October 23, 2015). I have never been a fan of horror movies simply because I do not like the experience they bring especially at night…
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The Rocky Horror Show
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The Rocky Horror Show Raider Entertainment was at it again. A Friday midnight horror film show went down in the usual style at KUC Theater (Raider Entertainment, October 23, 2015). I have never been a fan of horror movies simply because I do not like the experience they bring especially at night. However, this time round something different happened. It was Friday 23, 2015. As I made my way through the Monohan Hall Complex doorway, I met Dominic an Upperclassman friend I met during one of the MTSUs film festivals. It was during the wee hours of the evening, and he was particularly in a frenzy mood. He told me that he has a couple of things to finish before joining up with his girlfriend for a late night film show. He invited me to join reiterating that I would find it fun. He knew preferred remaining indoors during Friday evenings. This time round, however, I was the only one remaining in the dormitory. Other dorm members had left early for their homes as sometimes it used to be their tradition. The idea of joining for the movie was very appealing.
The theater was calm with only a few murmurs and giggles penetrating the midnight silence. The film started amidst applause from the audience that appeared to have been waiting for long. I had never watched this film, and I can attest to the fact that the experience was an outré and out of this world. It encapsulated satire in a horrific form that I could not imagine. There was also a live cast during the film (Raider Entertainment, October 23, 2015). The audience threw things and yelled as I tried to conceal my consternation by attempting to appear calmer than friends I had joined. However, I learned that Friday night film at MTSU is the best thing one can do during a free weekend.
Whatever I am learning in class this semester is practical. It involves a lot of hands-on an activities as well as exposure to different literary experiences that usually translates easily to real life scenarios. Sometimes they can be difficult to comprehend but eventually they surface as significant practical learning.
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Raider Ent. Rocky Horror Film Show. Middle Tennessee State University, October 2015. Read More
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The Rocky Horror Show Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 373.
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