The Individual with a Strong Will - Essay Example

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In this essay, the author describes the personal statement on his strengths and weaknesses. Also, the author demonstrates how he has used his exceptional talents, for purposes of pursuing his educational aspirations, and other issues that are of concern to him…
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The Individual with a Strong Will
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Personal ment There are many challenges and opportunities that exist in the world today. These opportunities and challenges are brought about, because of globalization, and advances in information technology. As an individual, I have taken advantage of globalization, and advances in technology to look for opportunities that can help me advance in life. This paper is a personal statement on my strengths and weaknesses. It further identifies some significant life challenges that I have passed through, as an individual. This paper further explains how I have used my exceptional talents, for purposes of pursuing my educational aspirations, and other issues that are of concern to me. Some of my strengths include the exceptional optimism that I have, and my strong will to succeed.
I am an individual with a strong will, and this is depicted through the various challenges I have faced, and the manner in which I was able to overcome these challenges. F or instance, in one given time, I was very sick, diagnosed by Pneumonia. The doctors gave me some prescriptions, and initially I was reluctant to take these medicines. This is because of the phobia that I had, in regard to the use of medicine. However, because of my will to get well, I forced myself to take the medications, without guidance from the nurse, or even my parents. This was a great surprise to my parents, who were expecting a fight, when it came to convincing me, to take the medication.
My strong will and exceptional optimism is also seen on my desire to achieve the highest degree in business, and become an influential business personality. For example, my passion in business began after studying the successes of Warren Buffet, one of the richest and successful business personalities in the world. I learnt that to succeed, an individual has to take some risks in life. Therefore, I saved some money, and decided to invest in the stock market. Due to my inexperience, I invested the money in the shares of Noble Energy. Because of my inexperience, I thought that because the company operates in an energy industry, then its shares will be on an increase. However, this was not the case, and this is because of the falling prices of oil (Yetiv, 56). This has made the share price of the company to fall.
This is from 50 dollars a share, to approximately 48 dollars per share. However, it should be noted that the share prices of the company used to sale at 70 dollar a share, as of the year 2014 (Yetiv, 14). Because I am an optimistic person, and I believe that in the long run, the prices of oil will stabilize, and the share prices of Noble Energy will begin to rise. Therefore, I am still holding on my shares, and I do not have an intention of selling them.
In conclusion, because of my strong will to survive, I was able to overcome the fear of drugs. This helped me to take drugs, hence curing my Pneumonia. Furthermore, because of my optimism, I was able to hold my shares, at the Noble Energy Company, despite a fall in its prices. This is because of the fall in the international prices of oil.
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The Individual With a Strong Will Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 5.
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