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 This essay "Opportunity to Get Higher Education" focuses on the principal factor facilitating me to do this unit is to enable me to graduate. In this letter, the writer discusses what was most and the least helpful, his progress and the benefits he got out of this class…
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Opportunity to Get Higher Education
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Opportunity to Get Higher Education
The principal factor facilitating me to do this unit is to enable me graduate. I did not expect to enjoy this experience because from the beginning I never liked writing. Things turned to flow with ease despite the fear that I had instilled in me. I learnt a lot and gained writing knowledge. In this letter, I will discuss what was most and the least helpful, my progress and the benefits I got out of this class.
The most influential thing in this course was the lecture notes and the comments given by the instructor on each paper in did. The notes given by the lecturer had summarized everything and made it extremely easy to understand the concepts. Alongside each paper I did, the lecturer commented on my strengths and weakness. Further, the lecturer gave me suggestions on how I can improve weaker areas. I do not often read textbooks, probably; this was the least helpful thing I had through this class. Textbook is a tool, and no need of reading all what is in there some irrelevant to the subject. The reading assignments we worked on were extremely specific and always applied directly to the assignments.
The assignments I enjoyed most were those I had total discretion in terms of my topic of choice. Persuasive research paper and also the letter to the writer were my best assignments I did in this class, and I scored best in these two papers.
In my letter to the editor, I discussed animal egret and abandonment and came up with a solution. The solution called “get tough” which included multiple steps. The real key solution was using community for outreach and involvements in ensuring animal rights are adhered. The issue of animal rights is particularly salient to me because I work in animal shelter, and was ease getting all the information I required. The story about basset hound found in shock brought in passion for this. I looked in depth on the importance of spraying or neutering your pets in my persuasive paper. This issue was deeply connected to this letter am writing to the editor. Animal abuse and neglect would be substantially lessened. This would be so if there were not so many unwanted puppies and kittens born to people who cannot protect them and not wishing to do so. I opened up the paper with a series of questions, which I think helped catch the readers' attention and I had a sizeable number of facts such as the current stats--local and nation--regarding unwanted pets and annual pet birth rates.
Summary and critical response was my weakest paper I did. To be frank enough, I hated that article making it extremely difficult to keep the objectives in the summary, and it was hard to go off on a rant against the author in the critical response. I kept including words giving away my position in the summary such as, ‘ the author tries to argue… or the last point on her useless rant…’ all these are inappropriate, therefore, I had to edit them out... In the critical response, I wanted to show how much I disagreed with the article instead of focusing if the article was successful piece of writing or not. The syllabus aims at teaching the students on how to compose purposeful writing, nature of argumentation, critical thinking and persuasive writing. All these were met in the course, and also I discovered that I can be a successful writer. Persuasive writing skills will be of importance in other classes in my career and personal life in the community. I take this opportunity to give thank for teaching me how to use this powerful tool, ‘words’ because it will be of greater usefulness in my life. Read More
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Opportunity to Get Higher Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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