Embarrassing Moment: The Experience of Moving from Palestine to the United States - Essay Example

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The writer of creative writing considers embarrassment is one of the fundamental aspects of the human experience in that no matter who you are at some point you will experience this emotion.The writer considers his most embarrassing moment -directly after he moved to Los Angeles from Palestine…
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Embarrassing Moment: The Experience of Moving from Palestine to the United States
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Download file to see previous pages Still new to the city, entering into this unfamiliar situation compounded my generalized anxiety. I knew nothing about modeling and this soon became abundantly clear.  “Hi” I sheepishly said. He seemed preoccupied and instructed me to go with his assistants to an adjacent room. Everyone at the studio moved confident and efficiently as if this was the industry standard. As I walked into the adjacent room I was surrounded by a group of people who measured my size and then hold up a dress. I could feel the eyes of the other people in the room staring intently at me waiting. Slowly I felt a thrust of blood shoot throughout my face, as I nervously tightened my hands into fists as if it might stabilize my embarrassment. They were going to undress me.  I wasn’t sure if I should leave or submit to the process. I knew that I felt such an acute embarrassment at not being aware of this part of the photography session that I nearly passed out. Was I being violated? Did this happen to all models? Whether it was the pressure of the social situation or simply a naïve trust, I turned around and let them remove my clothing and fit me with the ew dress. Once I had the new dress on the embarrassment exited my face and knees and I quickly regained my composure. As I walked back into the studio, the photographer and camera crew were there waiting. “Beautiful,” he said upon seeing me. He took a series of photographs and then they ushered me back into the changing room. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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