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The writer of this essay discusses the changing of his life. During his school life, he used to take a position in every class when one day something happened. It was the school that he suffered one day because of going late and since that day he has changed into a better person…
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Changing of My Life
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Changing of My Life
All over my life I have been a very bright learner and this has helped me to learn many things in life. During my school life I used to take a position in every class when one day something happened which changed my life a lot. Although I was always a bright student I was not particular about my timings and on many instances went late to school. It was here that I suffered one day because of going late and since that day I have changed into a better person.
It seemed like a pleasant day when I woke up for my exam that day. I picked my book and studied in the last hours until I would reach school. I missed some topics for the exam and tried to cover them up in the morning before the exam. However I did not know that these topics would cost me the whole paper. I completed the topics and got late for the school. When I entered the premises I could see my principal scolding some of my class mates. I walked over to the principal and she looked at me with a huge smile. It was at that moment only that I realized my day was about to get bad.
The principal punished us that day and made us stand outside for an hour. Later on when we were allowed for the paper I only had one hour to finish my paper. I completed the paper and passed my exam with only the passing marks. It was that day that I came to realize that time was very important in one’s life. Ever since that day I have never been late to any occasion or commitment. I have learned the importance of punctuality and have turned into a punctual person. Read More
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Changing of My Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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