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This paper tries to analyze the imaginary situation in which everyone on earth is suddenly granted the ability to read minds. It is no longer necessary to speak in order to communicate, and it is no longer possible to lie to another person. What effects would this change have on our world?…
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What If People could read Minds
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of the of the of the  Imagine that everyone on earth is suddenly granted the ability to read minds. It is no longer necessary to speak in order to communicate, and it is no longer possible to lie to another person. What effects would this change have on our world?..Continue..
Thesis Statement: The changes observed in a world that has humans having the ability to read each other’s minds would be a world that is devoid of baseless product marketing, the feminine gender of the inhabitants of the world not being very happy knowing others’ true feelings about their apparel and the choice of sincere and like minded life partners easier.
The elimination of falsehood, hypocrisy and insincerity are a few of the negative traits that would see their end in the proposed world. Since no one would be able to lie to others fraudulent practices would cease to exist. This would be a massive setback to the current marketing industry. Since propagation of most of the services offered by companies and the proposition of new products often contain exaggerated narrations along with frequent misleading details about the proposed products, these marketing strategies would simply be nonexistent in the proposed world.
People would not be happy with everyone around them. Since the ability to read the other person’s mind would be existent so it would be impossible to hide one’s actual point of views about the opposing person’s personality and physical appearance. This would make most of the ladies annoyed as they would not always be admired for their outfits and other physical accessories including the new hair dye they would get their hair done with and similarly with the new lipstick shade they would put on. Without their loved ones having to communicate with them they would know how their appearance is being thought of. This would, at most of the times be, displeasing for the dressed up ladies!
It would be easier to choose partners, not only as friends, school/team mates, business partners but also most importantly as life partners. Knowing the heart of the opposing person would enable you to decide whether your heart clings to his or not. If any emotional/ intellectual inclination would arise it would only be owing to the TURE similar traits of both the counterparts’ personalities.
Conclusively it can be ascertained that a world that would not require individuals to communicate via their speech would be a world free from falsehood and hypocrisy. The world would be simpler and truer and just. Though pros and cons exist with everything but the pros in the proposed world would outweigh the cons! Read More
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