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One objective that can generate in me the most passion and intensity is beating a challenge. I like to be challenged and I set high standards for myself. It seems that I am more spurred on to do my best if there is something to work for. …
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The power of the passion
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[Address] [Contact number] The 18th- century French philosopher Denis Diderot once said, ' Only Passions, great passions, can elevate thesoul of great things.' Describe one of your passions and discuss its contribution to your personal growth.
One objective that can generate in me the most passion and intensity is beating a challenge. I like to be challenged and I set high standards for myself. It seems that I am more spurred on to do my best if there is something to work for. A goal I have to work for gives meaning into all my efforts and there is no time to think of it as being drudgery.
It was in high school that I had experienced being Captain of the School Soccer Team from 1999 until I graduated in 2004. Leading in sports is not easy, and there are many challenges in it. One must be able to motivate the team to action and carry the spirit of winning until the game is over and one is declared the victor. Soccer has given me the opportunity to express my passion and allow me grow.
Soccer does not require cheap labor as one has to live the example. One has to work hard and win the game. Soccer has also taught me that winning is not all there is to it. While it is good to be victor, losing does deduct from dignity if one worked hard and did things properly. Early on, I had to learn this lesson
My passion for soccer and taking the challenges in it has led me to improve my skills. The challenging mode of this sport may test skills in eight different disciplines: attacking, defending, dribbling, short passing, manual passing, free kick long passing, free kick shooting, and ball possession. These challenges may require one to pilot one's way through certain paths within a time limit, while other challenges have one aiming at increasingly small targets. The challenges can become more difficult depending on how good the opponent is; therefore, it takes one to try to be more skillful as much as one can. When you think of the team having to work as one, trying to get many heads to cooperate is not a simple task.
I treat my studies as I do my game. It will not a problem for me to excel then since I thrive on challenge. There was a time in my high school, however, where online game and video games got me hooked in the very first of the semester 2001. I was getting too serious on soccer practice that affected much my academic performance the first-term exam of this semester. I am thankful, however, that my class teacher never gave up in encouraging me and giving me extra lessons. Due to my good performance in academics, I had garnered the Lion & Globe Education Trust Most Improved Student Award for 2001-2002 in high school.
If I ever get to study in this school, I can increase my purpose and intensity. I also have other traits that may be able to help me. I have good conversational skills. I am also a natural encourager that my fellow schoolmates sometimes describe me as a lamp. A lamp can guide a group of people and make sure everyone is in the same direction and on the right track as well. At Dean College, I did not anymore indulge in heavy sports as I had to concentrate on my studies. However, together with my team in football and sports in general, we also had awards. I got to be elected as the President of the International Students Association where I learned a lot about the importance of making the right decisions.
At the same rime, I see myself as water. Water reveals a lot about me. Water is comprehensive as it can be formed in three states of matter -- gas, liquid and solid. I can perform well in different situations. You can always see my footprints not only in the library, but also in the gymnasium. And all these are very critical in becoming a good student. Read More
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