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This essay discusses the movie -Accidental Talent or a Curse. An 18-year-old boy learns about a secret book hidden in his father's bookshelf. The movie focuses on the life of the young boy as he tries to break away from the curse for the sake of his passion for music…
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Short Film Synopsis: Accidental Talent or a Curse
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Short Film Synopsis Accidental Talent or a Curse An 18-year-old boy learns about a secret book hidden in his fathers bookshelf. His father warned himabout it, but the boy did not listen. He opens the book without considering the warning. No sooner did he open the book than the book released the power of music to his soul. The book not only gave him the talent to play music, but also imprisoned his heart in the talents place. In this charmingly serious fantasy, questions of whether the young boy realizes his passion in music at the height of his father’s curses stand out. The movie focuses on the life of the young boy as he tries to break away from the curse for the sake of his passion in music. However, his heart is forever imprisoned in the passion.
A Dare to Spare
Shana was about 19 years old when she left school to join the stunt double team. She found work and friends easily. However, she learned that some things are not as easy as she wished that they could. She found it difficult to choose between fame and friends. Her mission in life persisted, requiring her to make informed choices.
Over the Edge with Singing
Eva is an overweight waiter who served as a ghost singer for Jane, a famous singer for her lip syncs abilities. Although Eva had an amazing voice, her talent is overshadowed by Jane’s records and concerts. Hidden behind Janes shadows she strives to achieve recognition. The film focuses her decisions to change herself in order to be acceptable by the public and her singing career.
Gold Paradise
Caroline is a pretty-faced senior who studies hard for her entrance exams. However hard she studies, she cannot find meaning in her repetitive routine. This makes her to feel as if she has not lived her life to the fullest. The film reflects her life as she decides to find her ways out of her mothers footsteps and influence. By trying something new and taking the offer of being a model for the rookie fashion designer team, she is able to achieve her objectives. Later on, she discovers her full potential in fashion and modeling.
High School Dreams
Four students at an art high school pursue their dreams of becoming famous writers work. During this short film, students learn how to develop their creative writing skills through a personal growth program. During their studies, the students start to develop feelings for each other. Later they discover that each personality has its own strengths and weaknesses. Following the discovery, they strive to be the best through a collective effort scheme. Read More
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