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Music and Passion - Essay Example

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However, this is not entirely true. This is because deep down it is known that the taste in music is not just necessarily a reflection of one’s musical…
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Music and Passion
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"Music and Passion"

Download file to see previous pages According to (Carducci 311) the type of music an individual listens has a reflex action on the type of personality an individual develops.
The unique thing about music is not just the beats and the tempo or the rhythm but the words that a song writer chooses to work with. The words involuntarily change the thoughts of the listener. As a person listens, they take in the meaning of the words and slowly make them part of their lives. In a greater way, one slowly starts to change their world view, their thoughts and eventually change their character. This is seen is where an individual starts to use the words that they heard in a song and this shapes their daily lives. (Carducci 123) says that lyrics of a song can great influence the thoughts of an individual in a subconscious state.
Aristotle talked about music and its power to communicate the emotional states of humans as well as their character. According to (Williams 92) Aristotle says that music directly imitates the passions as well as states of the soul. An individual listening to a particular type of music they are likely to absorb the same passion and a long exposure to the music, they develop characters based in the same passions. Based on these understanding, then the music people listens to is contributing too many of issues in the society. If the type of music an individual listens to can shape their characters as well as passions, then it means that these effects will also be seen in human relationships, laws, psychological challenges such as depression as well as anger.
People who mainly listen to these types of music tend to show high levels of openness to new experience, high verbal ability as well as emotional stability. These individuals also believe that they are highly intelligent and tolerant. Majority of them can champion liberal social ideals.
Majority of them are political conservatives and they also tend to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Music and Passion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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