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Comparing and contrasting Beyonce Knowles and Kelly of Destiny child - Essay Example

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Beyonce and Kelly are both popular artists who have existed in the music industry for more than fifteen years as far as I can recall. They both started singing early in their childhood era and all had their music talent calling all the way to fame, which is evident currently…
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Comparing and contrasting Beyonce Knowles and Kelly of Destiny child
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Download file to see previous pages Since these two popular artist started in the same group of singing, therefore, their close relationship that can be determined from their past to present through comparison and contrasting their current popularity and new ventures. Remaining relevant in the music industry is a key issue for both artists. The two artists have remained relevant in the music industry in different ways. From their group of four, they are the two popular artists who can still be identified from the group. Despite remaining relevant, Beyonce has hit the music industry in a major way. This can be seen from hits after hits that she releases annually when compared to Kelly. Although Kelly also has some hits to identify with, they cannot be compared to the number of hits that Beyonce has had since the group broke up. Beyonce is currently known at least to have released hits that are not yet even been performed. Some of the music that Beyonce has recorded has hit the airwaves before she has even performed the songs to her funs. It is thus vital to note that, Beyonce remains to be more popular than her childhood friend Kelly whom they formed the popular group with and went on separate ways after deciding to go for single records. Over one millions likes in the media like facebook, twitter and you-tube videos for Beyonce are evident unlike those of Kelly Rowland. Marriage, relationship and venture into different career paths are also a key role that has determined the relevance of Kelly and Beyonce in the music industry. For Kelly, she has taken more of a different path in popular music when compared to Beyonce. Kelly has taken advertisements of major industries as her major. She has done more advertisement related gigs from her music talent when compared to Beyonce. In her music career, she remains relevant in most instances due to the adverts and the reality shows that she takes part in. More so, both have been involved in one or two movies that have been aired globally. Beyonce has the main actress in the ‘dream girls’ while Kelly has also been part of American black films that has maintained her relevancy in the popular music industry. For Kelly, nothing much has been heard of her successful relationships after the singles while Beyonce has hit a record of being a wife to a well represented artist globally called Jay-z. Beyonce has maintained a good marriage relationship when compared to Kelly who has no clear records of dating or marrying anyone through her music life (Arenofsky 5). Therefore, both have diverse preferences when it comes to marriages and ventures in to other forms of careers. Did their singles make a hit or collaboration was the main idea as to why they have remained relevant after their separation from the group? Well, it is evident that for Knowles, she had single hits that made her even more famous after her going single. She has had albums that have not featured any famous popular singer but still remaining very popular to her funs. For example, even after releasing songs like, ‘If I was a boy’ and ‘all the single ladies’ alone, she still attracted a large crowd of funs who could demand for more and more of her single album. She has given her funs the best of hits ever since she parted from her group. From my perception, it is like her being in the group was suppressing her talents and popularity. She could not have been known to be such a famous popular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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