Comparing and Contrasting Different Parenting Styles - Research Paper Example

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Parenting styles Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Parenting styles According to studies, the term psychology refers to combination biology and philosophy. Through this, psychology as a field it is used to study the mind of people including their behavior. The study begins at the earliest age to the any age in a person’s life…
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Comparing and Contrasting Different Parenting Styles
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Download file to see previous pages This is because this styles play a key role in any child`s future and his or her performance. The way a child is brought up influences his or her future, in that this influence determines the child`s behavior in terms of judgment tom different situations and even abilities in a professional field. Children who were never given opportunities to believe that they can do things excellently tend to be inferior, thinking other children are smarter than they are and they cannot match up those qualities (Franzoi, 2010). There are many child-rearing styles and each style has its benefits and difficulties and the main parenting styles include; the uncomplicated, strict, authoritative, and tolerant. The major or common parenting styles that this study will narrow on through comparing and contrasting. The two key parenting styles that many parents use are; authoritarian and permissive or passive. The two styles have similarities in that they have religious influence that is highly instilled into children. In both categories, it is noted that parents believe in what they teach their children and no parent seem to accept or claim that his style of parenting has some negative impacts to their children (Reineke, 2008). Most of these parents on both sides are biased in the way they give opinions, taking their own side as the same. In the two categories, parents have it all deep-seated in their mind that what they give is the best. Studies indicate that in both, authoritarian and permissive parenting styles, the parents normally use the style that was applied on them. For instance, a parent that was raised up in an authoritarian environment tends to use the same because he or she thinks that is what that has made them successful (Ashford, 2012). It has been found that, in both cases parents with high morals and parents who show love help their children to become morally upright and loving parents just like them. On the contrary, permissive parenting style is said to be more responsive and less demanding. Here it means parents use a more approaching kind of directing their children. This is parenting style that allows children to enjoy much freedom, that is, it is open and children have freedom to do things in a freer way. Concerning the permissive parenting style, parents avoid confronting their children by becoming more lenient; the parents do not demand do not demand for a mature way of behaving as it pertains to their children. According to findings, most parents allow their children control their own behavior and react to situations. In some cases, permissive parenting tends to exercise democracy by controlling some the activities their children do (Zimmerman, 2011). On the other hand, the authoritarian parenting style is very demanding and parents give directions to their children in most things that they do. In this case, parents demand or expect obedience from their children without any resistance or questions regarding the same. Parents ignore the need to explain to their kids why they demand various things from them. Moreover, it is a requirement that children follow instructions without question parents see any defiance or question is viewed as a challenge that cannot be tolerated. Such parents have been known to be status conscious; the parents think care so much, about what people talk about their children. This forces the parents to be hard on their children so that people can always see them behaving ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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