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Personal portfolio application for an overseas leadership position - Essay Example

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Personal Portfolio Application for an Overseas Leadership Position BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Personal Portfolio Application for an Overseas Leadership Position Introductory Statement In order to be a success in an expatriate role, an individual must understand how to create meaningful and lasting connections with members of the host country, even if the social condition in the country and social principles differ from personal values…
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Personal portfolio application for an overseas leadership position
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Download file to see previous pages This emotional intelligence competency, along with maintaining a well-educated background in sociology and psychology, will assist in developing meaningful relationships with diverse foreign workers and managers that is crucial to maintaining competitive edge through human capital development. In today’s business world, a company requires establishment of a cohesive and dedicated organizational culture. To develop culture successfully, individual competencies that must contribute include inspiring through mission and vision iteration, opening lines of communication, and being prepared to serve as a transformational teacher (Fairholm, 2009). Knowledge of how to build a diversity-focused organizational culture is one of my most valued and vital competencies that has prepared me well for a role as expatriate. The Philippines The Philippines is considered to be a collectivist country, one in which group membership and group loyalty are paramount social characteristics. Citizens in collectivist countries help to mold their personal identities through consideration of the thoughts and opinions of peer networks and, oftentimes, loss of face (reputation) is a major concern (Cheung, Cheung, Zhang, Leung & Yeh, 2008). Though much of these values differ from my own personal values as it relates to identity formation and personal social needs, having an understanding of the collectivist mindset will assist in developing appropriate human resources policies to gain commitment and dedication through organizational culture development. I will be able to effectively create reward policies linked with transactional management philosophy that consider group affiliation and group contribution rather than attempting to use Western models of individual reward that work sufficiently in the United States. Since the establishment of a performance management system often leads to better worker productivity in which regular appraisals are conducted, understanding how to develop group-minded HR policies will lead to more loyalty and trust in the organization. The Philippines culture is also one that is risk tolerant, scoring moderately low in the dimension of culture known as uncertainty avoidance (Hofstede Centre, 2013). This is very similar to my own home culture and my own set of personal values. In today’s business world, entrepreneurship in many executive managers and employees is a critical dimension to attaining a positive business reputation and finding competitive advantage. Entrepreneurial behaviors include being willing to take risks and trying new strategies in order to outperform competition. These cultural similarities maintain many opportunities for creating not only a cohesive culture within the business, but also coming up with multiple baskets of ideas about how to find absolute advantages over competing firms. Recognizing that both the United States and The Philippines share similar propensity to gamble on innovative strategic objectives will also assist in developing appropriate policies that will meet with unified dedication throug ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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