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This is a beautiful poem, which explains the ways for a person to achieve the goals of life. A person can use two main ways to achieve aims that include a shortcut and a painstaking rise. I started the poem in a descriptive manner revealing future…
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A Better Way to Future
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Part: A A Better Way to Future Future is a surprise Either a shock Or a shining rise There are two ways to choose from Either a shortcut Or a painstaking rise Depends what one decides Either a shortcut Or a painstaking rise Shortcut can be an everlasting delay Painstaking rise is the wise way Short cut boosts illegality Injects in a person immorality Moral is the real virtue That shatters with haste and rush Making one suffer pain and guilt Shortcut seems easy at start But proves painful with time Shortcut is a black whole One jumps and finds no support Illegality surrounds every corner Making a person go into deep fear One may achieve aims this way In low time than the legal way But they aren’t everlasting End up with a stroke of wind With shortcuts, one longs for results Wonderful, but surrounded with thorns Nullifying the achievements Making pass through hard bends Shortcuts rejects uphill struggle Wanting for more with less effort Passing by the limits of moral Crossing the edges of truth and fair Earns a person short-term success Taking away the long-term with mess Painstaking rise seems difficult at start But proves reliable with time Such way to destination is not plain It has many snags and hard grains Devotion and loyalty are key factors That bring enduring and long-term success Hurdles come while moving legal Strong will helps cross those hurdles Challenges can make a person tiring Passion helps face those challenges Things may not look easy at times Dedication makes things look supportive One may beer great pain But that pain doesn’t make aim go fade Conditions may become unfavorable at times Commitment makes the conditions fine For those having high moral Hard work brings the best reward Feel darkness in the nest Just at some point, light in the rest They are the ones, who actually achieve With hard struggle without any mischief Adhering to principles, willing to bear pains They know, with shortcut come actual pains Learning to Rise You rise and rise Like eagle high in the sky With no fear and terror And a high strength of mind Looking for success, even more Leaving back the times of yore You rise and rise To the heights of feat With passion and zest You will get what you need But never look back You may strike and find no one to heal You rise and rise To the top of the sky Passing all the challenges With commitment and vow Absorbing the shine of stars Already placed there You rise and rise With hopes in the mind And desires in the heart With fluttering wings and head high Using the confidence You bagged during try You rise and rise To the world of brightness Leaving away all the darkness But never forget a kind advice Upon reaching the sky, pay a small price Throw some light on the people in pride Part: A Line count = 90 lines Part: B A Better Way to Future This is a beautiful poem, which explains the ways for a person to achieve the goals of life. A person can use two main ways to achieve aims that include a shortcut and a painstaking rise. I started the poem in a descriptive manner revealing future. I stated that future is of two types. Either it is a shock or it is a shining rise. I think the way I have started the poem is able to grab the attention of the reader. In the first few lines, I gave an idea of future and the ways a person can use to achieve his/her aims and goals. Then I moved on to explain initial and ultimate situations associated with shortcut and painstaking rise. I mentioned that it depends on the choice of a person what he/she decides regarding the way to achieve the goals. A person can use either a shortcut approach or a way that involve hard struggle. In two lines, I tried to summarize everything associated with both ways. For example, I said that a shortcut can be an everlasting delay, which means that a person using a shortcut to achiever his/her goals can put his/her life in a deep trouble because of the illegalities associated with shortcut approach. I explained that although shortcut makes a person achieve his/her goals in a short span of time, but the harms associated with the shortcut are very detrimental. In the next line, I said that the wise way to achieve goals is to do hard struggle because it is reliable and enduring. I mentioned that although a person has to face a number of challenges and hurdles using this way, but the results are in favor of the person. Next, I moved on to explain both ways separately to give a broad overview to the readers. First, I explained that shortcut gives rise to immorality in a person. Moreover, I said that morality is a real asset without which a person faces many troubles and guilt in life. I wrote that although shortcut seems to be an easy way to achieve goals in the start, but as the time passes by, it becomes more and more painful for a person because of the harms associated with it. I resembled shortcut with a black whole in which a person is not able to see any hurdles and pains but once a person jumps into it, he/she strikes with many hidden pains. I explained that a number of fears surround the success and achievements achieved through shortcut nullifying the peace and satisfaction associated with those achievements. In the next section, I explained that painstaking rise may appear to be difficult in the start, but it is reliable and enduring as compared to shortcut. I mentioned that such way is not simple as it contains many hurdles and difficulties. I also wrote about some key factors and qualities that can lead a person’s way to success. I ended the poem in a beautiful way by saying that a hardworking person is willing to bear the pains associated with the way of struggle because he/she knows the severity of the pains associated with shortcut. Before writing the poem, I had in my mind that I should describe both ways in a clear manner as it counts a lot in such poems. Therefore, I selected a set of easy words and tone to write the poem. I think a reader does not feel any type of difficulty in understanding the actual meaning of the poem. Summing it up, I would say that this poem is a perfect revelation of the pains associated with shortcut and the benefits associated with struggle. Commentary: Learning to Rise I chose this subject because it puts light on a person’s desire to reach the top of the world. I have written the poem in such a way that it encourages people to rise in life, tells them the ways to rise, and makes them aware of the challenges. In the last part of the poem, I gave an advice to people willing to rise in their lives. The advice was to make proud people aware of the harms associated with arrogance and selfishness. In the end, I would say that I have written the poem in an enlightening manner using a correct set of words and tone. Part: B Word count = 723 words (excluding headings) References Not required Read More
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