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A Report on Politics - Essay Example

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Running head: Speech Speech Name Name of instructor Date Introduction As a politician, I am charged with many responsibilities. People look up to me for advice, guidance, and direction in the general sense. This speech is therefore meant to call people to action…
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A Report on Politics
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Download file to see previous pages Body (The speech) There are different connotations that are in the word motivation. You cannot expect that Things are going to occur for you just by chance. In fact, the world we live in requires some initiative. The more problems we get, the more complacent we become ( al,.1987). There is no way that this is a good thing. First of all, we inherited a good-to-do world from our parents. It is our obligation to make sure that the world we live behind is better than what we found. All of us have an inner belief. We are very convinced of a cause that is far greater than ourselves. God withstanding, the world expects wonders out of us. It is difficult already to live in the present world, but imagine how it will be in years to come. Yes, our forefathers inherited a world in which life was not as hard. But it is in our capacity to make sure that at least our children will understand the dynamics of this world. We undoubtedly belong to the same class. Every one of us is expected to depart this world at some point. It is therefore fundamental that we make sure that the world we leave behind is better than we found it. Looking at things from a critical perspective, the world as we know it is slowly disappearing. The politics of the day are about segregation more than anything. Africa has become the stage for ethnic conflicts. There, people turn against each other without the benefit of food, basic shelter and freedom as we know it. Additionally, the Middle East has become the epitome of hatred for anything American. The Chinese are gaining more power by the day. And just by their numbers, they threaten taking over the world. Undoubtedly, these are grave matters to those that care but exquisitely, the most threatening thing to the existence of man as God intended him is the effect that carbon has had on our environment (Delmas, Ascencio & Legrand, 1980). Have you stopped to ask yourself what your effect on the world is? Have you asked what your children will think of you once they realize that you had the chance to stop their world from disappearing? (Lorius et al, 1985). Do you sleep at night with your conscience clear knowing that the car you drive or the cows you rear might be the precedence to a holocaust, the disappearance of the human being himself? Is it prudent for you to walk around minding your own things whereas the world is slowly disappearing? What is your government doing? You know, when I was young, we did not mind much about what we were doing. The world was not under a fine toothcomb as it is today. The data was simply not as in abundance as it is today. We did not have much to worry about in the most simplistic way that you may fathom. Are we justified now to assume that we do not have the power to influence our very existence? Do we have the right to carry on as f nothing major is happening? Did God design this? These are strong sentiments, but rather than just simple tag along, we must choose to act. We must see what is in front of our eyes. We must realize that our existence was not by chance but rather a design that was made by the most high. What is our problem? There are hybrid vehicles. Must we continue using the fuel that we do simply because these cost a whole lot than our normal cars? I will not say that the human race ought to take more action simply because my saying it will insinuate that they do not have the p ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Report on Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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