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The Most Important Event in My Life: Discovering the New Meaning of Life - Essay Example

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This paper serves as the greatest example of the creative writing essay describing the most important event in its influence on the person. Change is essential for life. Our lives are very much shaped by these changes that occur in our lives; some for good while some for worst. These changes help us to learn a lot about life, help us to grow and become more experienced…
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The Most Important Event in My Life: Discovering the New Meaning of Life
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Download file to see previous pages Our memories play an important role in our personal development because they have a greater share in constructing and maintaining our personalities (Avril Thorne). There are some events in my life which I count them as the most important ones but the recent event that changed the whole world inside me is, my cousin’s Nyle wedding that is scheduled in coming few days. This wedding holds a great importance to me.
I am very close to this cousin of mine, Nyle. He is the only person in my life who has played a very significant role in making me what I am today, helped me to become stronger and determinant in life. Whatever I am today; it is because of Nyle who changed the entire meaning of Life for me. In May 2009, suddenly we came to know about Nyle’s addiction to drugs that toppled the whole family up side down. Not only our whole family was shocked by the news but I was the one who felt like being hit with a storm that has swept ground off my feet. It was hard to believe that, a person like Nyle has become addicted to drugs and alcohol. He was not the kind of a person, who could find an escape from his worries and troubles into drugs and alcohol. For me, Nyle stood as a stature of an ideal man with principles and moral values.
That was the hard time for the family but that brought us very closer to each other. It was the time, when we felt the real pain and our whole family was suffering greatly with that pain....
Being the only son of his parents, sending him to the rehabilitation centre was a hard decision to make for my paternal uncle. We used to live in the same house and I was very close to Nyle, he was like an elder brother to me therefore the whole incident was affecting me, my studies and I was becoming more and more aggressive and grumpy. Finally, the day came when Nyle was sent to rehabilitation centre for the treatment because his condition was getting worse day by day. He was supposed to live there for good eight months for the treatment and detoxification. Moreover, the counselor forbids our parents from seeing him for first 3 weeks. I would again say that it was a hard time to live with the pain of seeing your dearest one in the worst of any condition; knowing that there is not much you can do for that person other than praying. With the passage of time, my family coped with this trauma and Nyle’s treatment was going successfully. My responsibilities being a sensible adult at home and the only hope for the entire family suddenly increased. I became more sensible and tried to be there for the family, to comfort them, to lessen their pain and to be the best child after Nyle. I felt a big change in myself; I became more wise and responsible as well as I now felt being more involved with the family. Before this incident, I was a carefree person with no interest in anything at home. This whole incident directly affected my life by making me more responsible and a real family person. Finally, the day came when Nyle’s treatment ended successfully and he came back home. We all helped him to get over the hard realities of his life. He joined his college again, started going to gym and we both became ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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starkteagan added comment 1 year ago
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This essay is ok but is too sentimental. And there are a few mistakes in spelling and grammar.
legrospansy added comment 1 year ago
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It is an essay that is called narrative when a person needs to share some personal experience and tell how these stuff has influenced the further life of this person. Write it in a title!
rbernhard added comment 1 year ago
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Great story! Thank you for sharing with us! God bless you and your family! It’s great that you found the strength to fight all the troubles of your family together! I don’t have such touching experience, but I guess it’s ok to write about some event that is maybe not so important as the one described in the paper but still is meaningful to me.

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