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 The writer of this essay discusses how his mother ut on her clothes as she was getting ready to go to work as a nurse at a nearby hospital. Among all the clothes that mom wore, the immaculately white ones my favorite because she looked so much like the angel that he saw in television shows. …
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If the Clothes Fit, Wear It
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If the Clothes Fit, Wear It
I was seven years old at that time when I was watching my mother put on her clothes as she was getting ready to go to work as a nurse at a nearby hospital. Among all the clothes that mom wore, the immaculately white ones that she put on everyday were my favorite because she looked so much like the angel that I saw in television shows. That same instance, there was a knock on our door and mom told me to go find out who it was. I opened our door and was greeted by a lady with a warm smile and a fruit basket in her hand. She asked me if mother was home and so I ran back to mom’s room to tell her about the lady with the fruit basket. When mother came to the door, I saw the lady’s face beaming with so much joy as she gave the fruit basket to my mom. I remember her saying a bunch of thank you’s to my mom as my mom graciously said that she was only glad that she could help out. When the lady with the fruit basket left, mom told me that the lady was the daughter of one of her patients in the hospital who has just recently recovered. I remember my schoolteacher telling us that nurses play a very important role in the community because they help doctors and take care of sick people. That moment when the lady with the fruit basket came, I came to realize exactly what my schoolteacher meant. That was also the moment that I told myself that someday, I would wear the same immaculately white clothes, help doctors and take care of sick people.
Ever since that day, I have tried my best and worked very hard in trying to accomplish my goal of someday being just like my mother. As a licensed vocational nurse, I have come to appreciate life and all that it has to offer, including the good and the not-so-good. Nursing is not a financially rewarding profession. It is exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally. In fact, there are days when I think that I cannot go on any further because of the great difficulties that I face everyday. But every time I see a patient’s grateful smile or hear the thank you’s from their friends and family, I remember the day that the lady with the fruit basket came to our home and I am reminded of just how important it is to go beyond my hardships and pursue my lifelong dream. These little things are the most valuable compensation that the nursing vocation has to offer.
Today, my mother serves as the Dean of the LVN program and sometimes she still wears the immaculately white uniform that has fascinated me when I was a little girl. There have been a number of times when people have approached me asking if I were Nurse Walker’s daughter and they would start telling me little stories of how mom took care of them when they were sick or when one of their family members were hospitalized. Those are priceless moments for me as my heart overflows with so much pride because these are the stories that have constantly inspired me to be what I am now and they are the stories that I will pass on to my children and cherish for as long as I live. Read More
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If the Clothes Fit, Wear It Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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