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This paper dwells a dream of meeting some famous people. . If I get a chance to meet one the personalities who I admire or dream to meet, I would like to call Michael Jackson to my favorite place i.e. my village. …
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The Place and Person I Admire
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The Place and Person I Admire… I always wanted to meet great personalities like King Arthur, Lady Diana, Michael Jackson, Obama and a lot of other leading personalities who are well known in their fields. However, I am restricted due to the social boundaries and other life constraints to do so. If I get a chance to meet one the personalities who I admire or dream to meet, I would like to call Michael Jackson to my favorite place i.e. my village. I like greenery and peace of my village and I would like to invite him to my village where people do not get much entertainment opportunities due to financial restrictions and unavailability of resources. I would like to introduce my villagers to Michael Jackson and will arrange a party for the entertainment of the villagers. Since the village is not fully equipped with the modern technologies, I would show Michael Jackson the other side of life which he missed to observe or enjoy. The beautiful, simple and non-crowded village would add as an additional positive impact on the party. Michael Jackson’s voice and dance would be a new experience for the people of the village and they would love it. The enjoyment and happiness would not limit to me but would be shared by others as well. I would love to share such memorable moments with Michael Jackson. I really admire his singing. The magic of his voice and the depth of the lyrics would have a profound impact on me and the people for a long time. I want to celebrate and enjoy such a wonderful party with him, which would equally be important and memorable for him, others and me. Read More
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