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In the essay “The Most Beautiful Day” the author describes his most ‘beautiful’ day, which started ordinarily enough but it ended leaving him with a mix of emotions that ranged from breathlessness, shock, awe, and clarity. It was three months ago this past summer…
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The Most Beautiful Day
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My friend who was driving at this time has become quieter and the drive was going really smooth. We pulled off the road to re-fuel and after we left the gas station got a "low battery" sign on the dashboard light up. The vehicle also warned that we turn off all the electronics as soon as possible. We decided to do it right away only to be warned again with a "turn engine off immediately" message on the vehicle's computer. It was really dark outside at that point and we were scared some car would think our car is moving and would hit it, and we would be hit as well. By the time we crossed the highway to stop the car on the side, and run outside the car baffled and confused there was already heavy smoke coming from the car.
We ran away from the car fearing it was about to explode at any time. We only stopped at a road construction site where we could be safe from all the trucks and cars going at 100/150 km/h just 5 meters from us. We did not know what to do or exactly where we were. Since we had a French cell phone we could not call SOS in Italy. Survival time on a highway is estimated to be about 12 minutes, and we had been there for 40 minutes when finally we saw someone to come noticed us and slowed down. We arrived in Geneva at 2 am (had left Monaco at 5 pm). Oddly, we had been talking about mishaps and accidents before the trip, and my friend thought maybe we had jinxed our trip.
Of all the experiences during the summer and indeed all my life, this near brush with death gave me clarity and perspective. I realized now that every day is a gift and will not take anything, waking minute for granted, ever! My friendship with my best friend is even stronger as it seemed that we 'cheated' death together. It felt surreal but I believe the episode was meant to teach us a lesson about life. I feel that we helped each other go through this experience. I feel lucky and happy to be sharing my story. Read More
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(The Most Beautiful Day Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 502 Words)
The Most Beautiful Day Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 502 Words.
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