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What Grades do I need for Medical School?

Medical school asks a lot of the students that apply - they need to have a firm grasp on the basics of science before even being considered for entry which can seem harsh to some people. Most medical schools focus on the broader subjects you take at high school and look at your grades across the board. For acceptance into a medical university or school they want to see that you’re not just good in the sciences but other subjects as well. Each university has a slightly different criteria for entry but below is the general criteria for medicine for those that are curious.

 Biology and Chemistry 

Biology and Chemistry are mandatory and must be higher than 60% (or a C in conventional notation). The subjects taken at a more advance level, such as in college, should be Biology and Chemistry or subjects that are somewhat related in nature, most students opt for Psychology or another science subject. The minimum requirements for entry is the high school education but if you have other subjects at a higher level than that, it only helps your application!

Medical school assumes that you have the basics of these two subjects mastered so that they can build upon that foundation. Whether you’re doing Anatomy or Biochemistry at university it all comes down to the two main disciplines; Biology and Chemistry, in one form or another. They will not hesitate to dive into detail on the subjects you’ve only touched at high school, if you thought that was hard wait until you sit your first lesson when you decide to study medicine abroad

English Language

Of course since all of the courses in medicine through Medlink are offered in English the universities must have some sort of proof that you are proficient in the English language. A language diploma such as IELTS (or International English Language Testing System by the British Council and Cambridge Assessment) or even your high school results in English should be more than enough to grant you entry. Reading, writing, speaking and comprehension is mandatory at a B1 level, to use the IELTS grading system as an example.

 Miscellaneous Subjects

Your scores in Mathematics as well as other subjects taken at high school will also be taken into consideration for your application. It’s not just the sciences the university asks for, they want a general idea of your grades, almost like an average. If they see you’ve done reasonably well in high school there’s a higher chance of being accepted. Of course there are exceptions and things change from time to time, which is why we ask clients to send in their documents so we can appraise them fully and give you a more definite answer. Hopefully this can give you a better insight into what medical schools are looking for.

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