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StudentShare Mobile Application

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StudentShare’s Mobile App is all you need to be the best in your studies! Over 1M essay samples, filtered search, book summaries, study guides and a huge Q&A section on the go.

With our App, you also get a FREE 30-days trial with the opportunity to download 3 papers of choice with no payment.  

What’s cool about StudentShare Mobile App?

  1. Advanced search through the database with more than 1M student’s essay samples, filtered results
  2. Immediate download of papers marked as ‘free’
  3. In-app payment for your best convenience
  4. Research papers, personal statements, case studies, book summaries and a massive stock of essays
  5. Full synchronization with the personal StudentShare account.
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Why use StudentShare Mobile App?

Insane schedule. Full-time studies. Part-time job. Sports and health activities. The endless stream of assignments. Social contacts. Trying to handle it all at once.

Recognize your daily routine? We bet you do.

How can StudentShare Mobile Application help here? Let’s see.

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#1. Available on the go

One of the best features of our Mobile Application is its availability. You always have over 1M essay samples in your pocket, wherever you go. So, once you get a paper assigned, you can immediately search through our database and find several essays on the topic. Moreover, we designed advanced filters to make your search more custom, easy and fast. By the time you get actually to write the essay, you are already halfway through the writing process.

#2. Saves time

The time you spend on transport, boring class or even a treadmill can be used more effectively. You can search for the essay samples, go through some of the study guides or how-to’s, so by the time get home; you already know what to write in your essay. Thus, you reduce the time spent on research by grabbing ideas from essay samples, and you don’t need your laptop or desktop close to you all the time. Profit!

#3. Wishlist option

It might be not really convenient to look through each essay on the chosen topic when you are on the go. But that’s no big deal. With our Wishlist option, you can mark all the essays that are potentially useful and go back to them later. Full synchronization with your web account would work in your favor here too, as all these essays would be displayed in both, web version and mobile app.

#4. Downloads history

Downloaded several essays at home, but forgot to take them with you? Or the papers got somehow lost in the deepest folders of your device? Well, that’s not even an issue to consider. Your downloads history is always saved in your profile. Again, both in web and mobile application. The documents from your downloads list are available for a repeated download even without the subscription renewal.

Website vs. Mobile App: What to choose?

The great thing is that you don’t have to limit yourself to the Mobile App or to the Website solely. Most services, StudentShare too, have both.

There are loads of advantages of Mobile Apps usage. The ones to mention first are the save of time and better availability. Wherever you go, they are always with you and work twice faster than websites.

Try StudentShare App today and get your FREE 30 days trial to download 3 papers of choice. See how easy it is once, and you won’t ever want to go back to the desktop version, promise! 

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